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Version 6.2

Release date: 2021-11-18

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 6.1.

New features

Issue #3834 - Added support of Aggregate and Operator node in view-only mode.
Issue #6953 - Ensure that users should be able to modify the REMOTE_USER environment variable as per their environment by introducing the new config parameter WEBSERVER_REMOTE_USER.


Bug fixes

Issue #5427 - Fixed pgAdmin freezing issue by providing the error message for the operation that can’t perform due to lock on the particular table.
Issue #6780 - Ensure that columns should be merged if the newly added column is present in the parent table.
Issue #6809 - Fixed an issue where pgAdmin is not opening properly.
Issue #6832 - Ensure that internal authentication when combined with other authentication providers, the order of internal source should not matter while picking up the provider.
Issue #6845 - Ensure that inherit table icon should be visible properly in the tree view.
Issue #6859 - Fixed an issue where properties panel is not updated when any object is added from the browser tree.
Issue #6896 - Ensure that the user should be able to navigate browser tree objects using arrow keys from keyboard.
Issue #6905 - Fixed an issue where database nodes are not getting loaded behind a reverse proxy with SSL.
Issue #6925 - Fixed SQL syntax error if select “Custom auto-vacuum” option and not set Autovacuum option to Yes or No.
Issue #6939 - Fixed an issue where older server group name displayed in the confirmation pop-up when the user removes server group.
Issue #6944 - Fixed an issue where JSON editor preview colours have inappropriate contrast in dark mode.
Issue #6945 - Fixed JSON Editor scrolling issue in code mode.
Issue #6940 - Fixed an issue where user details are not shown when the non-admin user tries to connect to the shared server.
Issue #6949 - Ensure that dialog should be opened when clicking on Reassign/Drop owned menu.
Issue #6954 - Ensure that changing themes should work on Windows when system high contrast mode is enabled.
Issue #6972 - Ensure that the Binary path for PG14 should be visible in the preferences.
Issue #6974 - Added operators and aggregates in search objects.
Issue #6976 - Fixed an issue where textarea should be allowed to resize and have more than 255 chars.
Issue #6981 - Fixed an issue where SQL for index shows the same column multiple times.
Issue #6988 - Reset the layout if pgAdmin4 detects the layout is in an inconsistent state.