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Development Resources

GIT access

pgAdmin is available subject to the terms of the licence. Access to the repository is available through at GitHub. An outline of a typical workflow for making and submitting a change to pgAdmin can be found in the documentation.

Instructions for building pgAdmin from source, and notes on other useful development information can be found in the file in the source tree. Additional information can also be found in the documentation.

Mailing List

The pgadmin-hackers mailing list is intended for developers who wish to contribute to pgAdmin project. You are more than welcome to subscribe, but please remember to use pgadmin-support list for end user support issues.

To manage your subscription to the mailing list, including subscribing and unsubscribing, visit the PGLister Management web interface.

To unsubscribe quickly you can also send an email to:

Messages sent to the list are publicly and permanently archived at the PostgreSQL Archives.


The TODO list is a list of features that are planned or have been requested for inclusion in a future version of pgAdmin. As pgAdmin is a volunteer project, there is no guarantee that any feature will be implemented in any particular release, but where we expect or aim to do so, the feature will be tagged with a target version.

You can view the TODO list on the pgAdmin 4 GitHub project.

Change Log

The change log is a record of the notable changes made to pgAdmin by the various developers, published in the release notes section of the documentation. It is a manually maintained list, and as such may not include details of every minor change that has ever been made. If you need that level of detail, please check the commit messages in the GIT repository.

You can view the change log on the website.