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Development Team

Although anyone is welcome to contribute to pgAdmin, the project is managed and run by the Development Team. The document below outlines the structure of the team and how it operates.

Note: The team members listed here are the most senior developers on the project. This list does not include all developers or contributors, only those that are part of the project management team.

Version 2.6, 13 November 2020

  1. Purpose

    The pgAdmin Development Team exists for 2 reasons:

    • To manage and maintain the pgAdmin Project.
    • To ensure that pgAdmin remains freely available to anyone that wants it.

  2. Structure

    The foundation consists of the Project Leader and Members:

    • Project Leader: The Project Leader is Dave Page, founder and primary developer of the software. The Project Leader is also considered a member.
    • Members: Members can be any contributor to the project who accepts an invitation from the existing Development Team.

  3. Division of Responsibilities

    Any major decision regarding the Project must be voted on by the Development Team. Any vote will be made via email through the relevant mailling list. Responses not received within 2 weeks will be discounted from the vote.

    In the case of a hung vote, the Project Leader shall cast the deciding vote.

  4. People The pgAdmin Development Team includes the following people:

    The following people no longer work on the project, but we remain grateful for their past contributions:

    • Hiroshi Saito: Produced a Japanese port of pgAdmin II, and countless patches for pgAdmin III.
    • Raphaël Enrici: Maintains the Debian port, and helps with numerous other issues.
    • Guillaume Lelarge: Manages the pgAdmin application and website translations, and has added a number of enhancements to pgAdmin.
    • Erwin Brandstetter: Spends significant amounts of time testing new releases and helping us track down bugs and behavioural issues.
    • Mark Yeatman: Works on controls and consults on UI design.
    • Daniele Corsini (frank_lupo): Has made countless improvements to the pgAdmin II code from minor bug fixes to major enhancements.
    • Jean-Michel Pouré: Managed translations & the web site.
    • Andreas Pflug: Wrote vast amounts of pgAdmin III code and is responsible for much of its design.
    • Adam H. Pendleton: Developed and maintains the build system, and helps with various porting issues.
    • Magnus Hagander: Has worked on numerous features and project infrastructure.