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pgAdmin is the most popular and feature rich Open Source administration and development platform for PostgreSQL, the most advanced Open Source database in the world.

pgAdmin may be used on Linux, Unix, macOS and Windows to manage PostgreSQL and EDB Advanced Server 10 and above.

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How to Use Logical Replication in pgAdmin4

Author: Pradip Parkale, date: Oct. 7, 2021

Logical replication follows a publish and subscribe model. In a publisher node, a publication is created, which is a set of changes from a table or a group of tables. In a subscriber node, a subscription is created, which can subscribe to one or more publications. But why logical replication? Well in traditional replication, the standby server is a bit for bit copy of the leader server but what if you want to copy only some data? Logical replication gives you that flexibility of what should be sent and where to send the data.

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pgAdmin and Porting the Node Properties Dialogs to ReactJS

Author: Aditya Toshniwal, date: Oct. 6, 2021

In a previous blog post, The Reasons Why pgAdmin Chose ReactJS, I had discussed the rationale behind choosing ReactJS for porting away from Backbone/jQuery. Following the post, I want to share the experience and course of actions EDB's pgAdmin team followed to achieve our goal. To date, the pgAdmin team has successfully ported all the properties dialog of the browser nodes to React based forms and has reached the testing phase.

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How To Configure OAuth 2.0 in pgAdmin 4

Author: Khushboo Vashi, date: Sept. 30, 2021

pgAdmin 4 supports multiple authentication methods through its pluggable architecture. Currently four methods are supported:

  • Password based pgAdmin internal authentication (default)
  • Kerberos
  • LDAP
  • OAuth 2.0
We are also going to support authentication at web server level, ex: HTTP Basic Auth very soon, keep an eye on the pgAdmin release notes for more information. This blog will guide you to set up the OAuth 2.0 authentication in pgAdmin 4.

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2021-11-18 - pgAdmin 4 v6.2 Released

The pgAdmin Development Team is pleased to announce pgAdmin 4 version 6.2. This release of pgAdmin 4 includes 22 bug fixes and new features. For more details please see the release notes.

Notable changes in this release include:


  • Added support for Aggregate and Operator nodes in view-only mode.
  • Ensure that users should be able to modify the REMOTE_USER environment variable as per their environment by introducing the new config parameter WEBSERVER_REMOTE_USER.


  • Fixed pgAdmin freezing issue by providing the error message for the operation that can't perform due to lock on the particular table.
  • Fixed an issue where pgAdmin is not opening properly.
  • Ensure that internal authentication, when combined with other authentication providers, the order of internal sources should not matter while picking up the provider.
  • Ensure that the user should be able to navigate browser tree objects using arrow keys from the keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue where database nodes are not getting loaded behind a reverse proxy with SSL.
  • Fixed an issue where JSON editor preview colours had inappropriate contrast in dark mode.
  • Fixed JSON Editor scrolling issue in code mode.
  • Ensure that changing themes should work on Windows when system high contrast mode is enabled.
  • Ensure that the Binary path for PG14 should be visible in the preferences.
  • Fixed an issue where textarea should be allowed to resize and have more than 255 chars.

Note: We regret that once again we have been unable to publish an updated Python package to PyPi. This is due to the need for a quota increase for pgAdmin on PyPi that is currently awaiting action from the PyPi team.

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2021-10-21 - pgAdmin 4 v6.1 Released

The pgAdmin Development Team are pleased to announce pgAdmin 4 version 6.1. This release of pgAdmin 4 includes 30 bug fixes and new features. For more details please see the release notes.

Notable changes in this release include:


  • Added support for indent guides in the browser tree.
  • Added support for advanced table fields like the foreign key, primary key in the ERD tool.
  • Added support to allow tables to be dragged to the ERD Tool.
  • Added index creation when generating SQL in the ERD tool.
  • Added support for authentication via the webserver (REMOTE_USER).
  • Added support to enable/disable rules.


  • Fixed OAuth2 integration redirect issue.
  • Ensure that the query highlighting color in the query tool should be less intensive.
  • Fixed an issue where the browser tree doesn't show all contents on changing resolution.
  • Ensure that columns should be displayed in the order of creation instead of alphabetical order in the browser tree.
  • Fixed background colour issue in the browser tree.
  • Added support for composite foreign keys in the ERD tool.
  • Fixed an issue where the users are unable to load the databases behind an HTTP reverse proxy.
  • Fixed an issue where each click to refresh the collection node, the number of objects decreasing by tens or more.
  • Fixed browser tree sort order regression issue.
  • Fixed an issue where the blank string is stored instead of NULL in the server table of a SQLite database.

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2021-10-07 - pgAdmin 4 v6.0 Released

The pgAdmin Development Team are pleased to announce pgAdmin 4 version 6.0. This release of pgAdmin 4 includes 18 bug fixes and new features. For more details please see the release notes.

Notable changes in this release include:

Introduction to ReactJS framework in pgAdmin 4:

ReactJS has a strong developer community and popularity. It has grown to a level where its performance is comparable to that of desktop applications. Migrating pgAdmin to use ReactJS has proven to boost pgAdminā€™s performance and user experience.

In this release we have ported the browser Tree, all the object dialogs, and the Grant Wizard.


  • Added support for OWNED BY Clause for sequences.
  • This feature adds the OWNED BY clause for the sequences. The OWNED BY option causes the sequence to be associated with a specific table column, such that if that column (or its whole table) is dropped, the sequence will be automatically dropped as well.


  • Port object nodes and properties dialogs to React.
  • Port browser tree to React.
  • Port Grant Wizard to react.
  • Remove GPDB support completely.
  • Added support to create the Partitioned table using COLLATE and opclass.
  • Fixed keyerror issue in schema diff for 'attnum' and 'edit_types' parameter.
  • Fixed an issue where the Execute button of the query tool gets disabled once we change anything in the data grid.
  • Ensure that SQL help should work for EPAS servers.
  • Fixed an issue where the grant wizard is unresponsive if the database size is huge.

Note: The publication of the python package to PyPi has been delayed and will be completed as soon as possible.

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2021-09-09 - pgAdmin 4 v5.7 Released

The pgAdmin Development Team are pleased to announce pgAdmin 4 version 5.7. This release of pgAdmin 4 includes 26 bug fixes and new features. For more details please see the release notes.

Notable changes in this release include:


  • Added support for the truncate table with restart identity.
  • Added database and server information on the Maintenance process watcher dialog..
  • Allow the referenced table to be the same as the local table in one to many relationship for ERD Tool..
  • Make closing tabs to be smarter by focusing on the appropriate tab when the user closed a tab..
  • Set PSQLRC and PSQL_HISTORY env vars to apt. user storage path in the server mode..


  • Fixed blank screen issue on windows and also made changes to use NWjs manifest for remembering window size.
  • Ensure that trigger function SQL should have 'create or replace function' instead of 'create function' only.
  • Fixed the export image issue where relation lines are over the nodes.
  • Fixed width limitation issue in PSQL tool window.
  • Fixed an issue where columns with sequences get altered unnecessarily with a schema diff tool.
  • Ensure that the lock panel should not be blocked for larger records.
  • Fixed an issue where whitespace in function bodies was not applied while generating the script using Schema Diff.
  • Introduced the OAUTH2_SCOPE variable for the Oauth2 scope configuration.
  • Enables pgAdmin to retrieve user permissions in case of nested roles, which helps to terminate the session for AWS RDS.
  • Ensure that pgAdmin should not fail at login due to a special character in the hostname.

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2018-07-12 - pgAgent v4.0.0 Released

The pgAdmin Development Team are pleased to announce the release of pgAgent v4.0.0.

pgAgent is a job scheduler for PostgreSQL; for more information please see the documentation included as part of the pgAdmin documentation at

Download (source):

We expect DEB and RPM packages to be available from the PostgreSQL APT/YUM repositories in due course, as well as an updated installer from EnterpriseDB available through StackBuilder.

Notable changes in this release include:

  • Remove the dependency on wxWidgets. pgAgent now uses Boost for thread management and synchronisation [Neel Patel]
  • Refactor connection parsing logic to fix issues with and improve handling of connection strings [Thomas Krennwallner]
  • Handle 2 digit server version numbers [Ashesh Vashi]
  • Fix handling of the "succeeded" flag on job steps which could prevent failure of steps causing the following steps to fail [Sanket Mehta]

The current version of pgAdmin 4 is 6.2