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Version 4.12

Release date: 2019-08-22

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 4.11.

New features

Issue #4144 - Add support of Compound Triggers for EPAS 12+.
Issue #4333 - Add support for planner support functions in PostgreSQL 12+ functions.
Issue #4334 - Add support for generated columns in Postgres 12+.
Issue #4540 - Use the full tab space for CodeMirror instances on dialogues where appropriate.
Issue #4549 - Allow a banner to be displayed on the login and other related pages showing custom text.
Issue #4566 - Allow enhanced cookie protection to be disabled for compatibility with dynamically addressed hosting environments.
Issue #4570 - Add an optimisation to the internal code responsible for searching for treeview nodes.
Issue #4574 - Display the row count in the popup message when counting table rows, not just in the properties list.
Issue #4612 - Add support in query history to show internal queries generated by pgAdmin during save data operations.


Issue #4546 - Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Columns.
Issue #4554 - Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Trigger Functions.
Issue #4555 - Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Exclusion Constraint.
Issue #4560 - Add a –modules option to the RE-SQL test suite to allow testing of specific object types.

Bug fixes

Issue #3605 - Fix issue where Deleting N number of rows makes first N number of rows disable.
Issue #4179 - Fix generation of reverse engineered SQL for tables with Greenplum 5.x.
Issue #4229 - Update wcDocker to allow the browser’s context menu to be used except in tab strips and panel headers.
Issue #4401 - Ensure type names are properly encoded in the results grid.
Issue #4414 - Fix generation of reverse engineered SQL for partition table, partitions were shown as a child of indexes.
Issue #4489 - Update wcDocker to prevent window state loading creating blank dialogues.
Issue #4490 - Fix accessibility issue for checkbox in IE11.
Issue #4492 - Ensure the Query Tool doesn’t throw an error when viewing the contents of a table with no columns.
Issue #4496 - Ensure columns can be created when they are IDENTITY fields with the CYCLE option enabled.
Issue #4497 - Ensure purely numeric comments can be saved on new columns.
Issue #4508 - Fix accessibility issue for Datetime cell in backgrid.
Issue #4520 - Ensure the query tool will work with older versions of psycopg2 than we officially support, albeit without updatable resultsets.
Issue #4525 - Ensure command tags are shown in the messages tab of the Query Tool.
Issue #4536 - Fix load on demand in View/Edit data mode.
Issue #4552 - Fix some errors thrown on the JS console when dragging text in the Query Tool.
Issue #4559 - Ensure triggers should be updated properly for EPAS server.
Issue #4565 - Fix the reverse engineered SQL for trigger functions with the WINDOW option selected.
Issue #4578 - Ensure enable trigger menu should be visible when trigger is disabled.
Issue #4581 - Ensure the comment on a Primary Key constraint can be edited under the Table node.
Issue #4582 - Fix console error when changing kind(SQL/BATCH) for pgAgent job step.
Issue #4585 - Fix double click issue to expand the contents of a cell if the resultset was not editable.
Issue #4586 - Fix generation of reverse engineered SQL for Rules.
Issue #4635 - Ensure compound triggers for event should be updated properly.
Issue #4638 - Ensure compound triggers should be displayed under Views.
Issue #4641 - Ensure Truncate option should be available for Compound Triggers.