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Version 5.1

Release date: 2021-03-25

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 5.0.

New features

Issue #5404 - Show the login roles that are members of a group role be shown when examining a group role.
Issue #6212 - Make the container distribution a multi-arch build with x86_64 and Arm64 support.
Issue #6268 - Make ‘kerberos’ an optional feature in the Python wheel, to avoid the need to install MIT Kerberos on the system by default.
Issue #6270 - Added ‘–replace’ option in Import server to replace the list of servers with the newly imported one.
Issue #6271 - Added zoom scaling options with keyboard shortcuts in runtime.


Issue #3976 - Use schema qualification while accessing the catalog objects.
Issue #6176 - Make the ‘Save Data Changes’ icon to be more intuitive.

Bug fixes

Issue #4014 - Fixed alignment issue under preferences for the German language.
Issue #4020 - Fixed color issue on the statistics tab for collection node in the safari browser.
Issue #4438 - Fixed an issue where adding/updating records fails if the table name contains percent sign.
Issue #4784 - Ensure that autovacuum and analyze scale factors should be editable with more than two decimals.
Issue #4847 - Fixed an issue where % displayed twice in explain analyze for query and table.
Issue #4849 - Rename text ‘table’ with ‘relation’ in the statistic tab for explain analyze.
Issue #4959 - Fixed an issue where the properties tab for collection nodes is unresponsive after switching the tabs.
Issue #5073 - Fixed an issue where the Save button is enabled for functions/procedures by default when open the properties dialog.
Issue #5119 - Fixed an issue where hanging symlinks in a directory cause select file dialog to break.
Issue #5467 - Allow underscores in the Windows installation path.
Issue #5628 - Remove the “launch now” option in the Windows installer, as UAC could cause it to run as an elevated user.
Issue #5810 - Ensure that cell content being auto selected when editing the cell data.
Issue #5869 - Ensure that SQL formatter should not add extra tabs and format the SQL correctly.
Issue #6018 - Fixed encoding issue when database encoding set to SQL_ASCII and name of the column is in ASCII character.
Issue #6159 - Ensure that the user should be able to kill the session from Dashboard if the user has a ‘pg_signal_backend’ role.
Issue #6206 - Ensure that the view/edit data panel should not be opened for unsupported nodes using the keyboard shortcut.
Issue #6227 - Ensure PGADMIN_DEFAULT_EMAIL looks sane when initialising a container deployment.
Issue #6228 - Improve the web setup script for Linux to make the platform detection more robust and overrideable.
Issue #6233 - Ensure that SQL formatter should not use tab size if ‘Use spaces?’ set to false.
Issue #6253 - Fixed an issue where the user is unable to create a subscription if the host/IP address for connection is
Issue #6259 - Ensure that proper error message should be shown on the properties and statistics tab in case of insufficient privileges for a subscription.
Issue #6260 - Fixed an issue where the ‘Create Slot’ option is disabled in case of the same IP/host provided but the port is different.
Issue #6269 - Ensure the Python interpreter used by the runtime ignores user site-packages.
Issue #6272 - Fixed an issue where the user is not able to change the connection in Query Tool when any SQL file is opened.
Issue #6279 - Ensure that the venv activation scripts have the correct path in them on Linux.
Issue #6281 - Fixed an issue where schema diff showing wrong SQL when comparing triggers with different when clause.
Issue #6286 - Ensure that the template database should be visible while creating the database.
Issue #6292 - Fixed string index out of range error where the dependent tab is in focus and selecting any publication or table.
Issue #6294 - Fixed an issue where the dependent tab throwing an error when selecting any login/group role.
Issue #6307 - Fixed an issue where the incorrect values visible in the dependents tab for publication.
Issue #6312 - Fixed an issue where copy/paste rows in view data paste the wrong value for boolean type.
Issue #6316 - Ensure that the primary key should be visible properly in the table dialog.
Issue #6317 - Ensure that toggle buttons are accessible by most screen readers.
Issue #6322 - Fixed an issue where the top menu disappears when entering into the full screen for minimum screen resolution.
Issue #6323 - Ensure that the grantor name should be visible properly for the security tab in the table dialog.