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Version 4.3

Release date: 2019-03-07

This release contains a number of new features and fixes reported since the release of pgAdmin4 4.2


Issue #1825 - Install a script to start pgAdmin (pgadmin4) from the command line when installed from the Python wheel.
Issue #2233 - Add a “scratch pad” to the Query Tool to hold text snippets whilst editing.
Issue #2418 - Add Commit and Rollback buttons to the Query Tool.
Issue #3439 - Allow X-FRAME-OPTIONS to be set for security. Default to SAMEORIGIN.
Issue #3559 - Automatically expand child nodes as well as the selected node on the treeview if there is only one.
Issue #3886 - Include multiple versions of the PG utilties in containers.
Issue #3991 - Update Alpine Linux version in the docker container.
Issue #4034 - Support double-click on Query Tool result grid column resize handles to auto-size to the content.

Bug fixes

Bug #3096 - Ensure size stats are prettified on the statistics tab when the UI language is not English.
Bug #3352 - Handle display of roles with expiration set to infinity correctly.
Bug #3418 - Allow editing of values in columns with the oid datatype which are not an actual row OID.
Bug #3544 - Make the Query Tool tab titles more concise and useful.
Bug #3587 - Fix support for bigint’s in JSONB data.
Bug #3583 - Update CodeMirror to 5.43.0 to resolve issues with auto-indent.
Bug #3600 - Ensure JSON data isn’t modified in-flight by psycopg2 when using View/Edit data.
Bug #3673 - Modify the Download as CSV option to use the same connection as the Query Tool its running in so temporary tables etc. can be used.
Bug #3873 - Fix context sub-menu alignment on Safari.
Bug #3890 - Update documentation screenshots as per new design.
Bug #3906 - Fix alignment of Close and Maximize button of Grant Wizard.
Bug #3911 - Add full support and testsfor all PG server side encodings.
Bug #3912 - Fix editing of table data with a JSON primary key.
Bug #3933 - Ignore exceptions in the logger.
Bug #3942 - Close connections gracefully when the user logs out of pgAdmin.
Bug #3946 - Fix alignment of checkbox to drop multiple schedules of pgAgent job.
Bug #3958 - Don’t exclude SELECT statements from transaction management in the Query Tool in case they call data-modifying functions.
Bug #3959 - Optimise display of Dependencies and Dependents, and use on-demand loading of rows in batches of 100.
Bug #3963 - Fix alignment of import/export toggle switch.
Bug #3970 - Prevent an error when closing the Sort/Filter dialogue with an empty filter string.
Bug #3974 - Fix alignment of Connection type toggle switch of pgagent.
Bug #3981 - Fix the query to set bytea_output so that read-only standbys don’t consider it a write query.
Bug #3982 - Add full support and testsfor all PG server side encodings.
Bug #3985 - Don’t embed docs and external sites in iframes, to allow the external sites to set X-FRAME-OPTIONS = DENY for security.
Bug #3992 - Add full support and testsfor all PG server side encodings.
Bug #3998 - Custom-encode forward slashes in URL parameters as Apache HTTPD doesn’t allow them in some cases.
Bug #4000 - Update CodeMirror to 5.43.0 to resolve issues with tab indent with use spaces enabled.
Bug #4013 - Ensure long queries don’t cause errors when downloading CSV in the Query Tool.
Bug #4021 - Disable the editor and execute functions whilst queries are executing.
Bug #4022 - Fix an issue where importing servers fails if a group already exists for a different user.