Support Mailing List

The pgadmin-support mailing list is intended for end user support and bug reports.

List Subscriptions

To manage your subscription to the mailing list, including subscribing and unsubscribing, visit the PGLister Management web interface.

To unsubscribe quickly you can also send an email to:

Bug Reports

If you are posting a bug report, please include the following information where possible:

  • The version of pgAdmin you are running. If it is a development snapshot, please include the build date from the Help -> About screen, and GIT repository version if known.
  • The configure options used (if compiled from source)
  • The operating system and version details - e.g. Windows 10, or macOS 10.11.5
  • Whether you're running in server or desktop mode
  • The Qt version and configure options used (if compiled from source)
  • The Python version and configure options used (if running in server mode)
  • The output from pip freeze (if running in server mode)
  • Steps required to reproduce the problem. Please include a simple schema with optional data if required. This may be sent privately upon request from a developer if you are concerned about posting sample code or data to a public mailing list.

List Archives

Messages sent to the list are archived publicly and permanently at the PostgreSQL Archives.

Private Messages

Please do not send an email directly to one of the developers; they might miss it, or even be the wrong person at all. Using the mailing list helps ensure that your request isn't lost and will be answered in a timely fashion.