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pgAdmin 4 (Python)


Maintainer: pgAdmin Development Team

A Python package is available for those wishing to run pgAdmin as a web application in a Python environment. Note that the packages do not include the Desktop Runtime.

pgAdmin is available on PyPi. To install it, create a virtual environment as required, and then use pip to install. Note that pgAdmin will run in server mode, using system-wide paths so you may need to create them first:

$ sudo mkdir /var/lib/pgadmin
$ sudo mkdir /var/log/pgadmin
$ sudo chown $USER /var/lib/pgadmin
$ sudo chown $USER /var/log/pgadmin
$ python3 -m venv pgadmin4
$ source pgadmin4/bin/activate
(pgadmin4) $ pip install pgadmin4
(pgadmin4) $ pgadmin4
NOTE: Configuring authentication for SERVER mode.

Enter the email address and password to use for the initial pgAdmin user account:

Email address:
Retype password:
Starting pgAdmin 4. Please navigate to in your browser.
 * Serving Flask app "pgadmin" (lazy loading)
 * Environment: production
   WARNING: Do not use the development server in a production environment.
   Use a production WSGI server instead.
 * Debug mode: off

Manual installation with a Python Wheel package

To install, download the wheel and install with a command such as pip install or pip install ./pgadmin4-4.29-py3-none-any.whl if you've manually downloaded the file. It is strongly recommended that a Python Virtual Environment is used.

pgAdmin can now be run with a command like python ~/pgadmin4/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pgadmin4/ (assuming you use a virtual environment at ~/pgadmin4). Finally, point your browser to


Please see the online documentation for information on deploying pgAdmin 4 behind a web server.

Nightly snapshot builds generated from the head of the master branch are available here.

The Python packages are signed with a GPG signature for each downloadable file in the corresponding .asc file. The public key for these signatures can be found on OpenPGP keyservers, for example here. The GPG key UID is Package Manager (Package Signing Key) <> and has a fingerprint of E869 7E2E EF76 C02D 3A63 3277 8881 B2A8 2109 76F2.

Alternative Distributions