pgAdmin 4 (macOS)


Maintainer: Dave Page

A macOS App Bundle containing the pgAdmin 4 Desktop Runtime and Web application is available for macOS 10.12 and above.


Nightly snapshot builds generated from the head of the master branch are available here.

These packages are macOS appbundles. To install, mount the disk image using the finder, and drag the pgAdmin 4 appbundle to the desired location.

Whilst the macOS packages and disk images are signed with an Apple-issued digital signing key, a separate GPG signature is also provided for each downloadable file in the corresponding .asc file. The public key for these signatures can be found on OpenPGP keyservers, for example here. The GPG key UID is Package Manager (Package Signing Key) <> and has a fingerprint of E869 7E2E EF76 C02D 3A63 3277 8881 B2A8 2109 76F2.

Alternative Distributions