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Version 8.0

Release date: 2023-11-23

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin 4 v7.8.

Supported Database Servers

PostgreSQL: 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16

EDB Advanced Server: 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16

Bundled PostgreSQL Utilities

psql, pg_dump, pg_dumpall, pg_restore: 16.0

New features

Issue #2821 - Have close buttons on individual panel tabs instead of common.
Issue #4733 - Allow closing all the tabs, including SQL and Properties.
Issue #5394 - Changes in the context menu on panel tabs - Add close, close all and close others menu items.


Issue #6441 - Update app bundle built to use notarytool instead of altool.
Issue #6479 - Replace the current layout library wcDocker with ReactJS based rc-dock.
Issue #6850 - Upgrade Flask, Werkzeug and other modules depends on the latest version of Flask.

Bug fixes

Issue #2986 - Fix an issue where the scroll position of panels was not remembered on Firefox.
Issue #5770 - Add DROP SQL for foreign keys in SQL generated by ERD when using WITH DROP option.
Issue #5807 - Fixed an issue where psql was not taking the role used to connect in server properties.
Issue #6017 - Fixed an issue where Geometry Viewer renders geometry incorrectly after trying to view 3D or non-4326 SRID geometry.
Issue #6459 - Fix the sorting of size on the statistics panel.
Issue #6487 - Fixed restoration of query tool database connection after dropping and re-creating the database with the same name.
Issue #6602 - Fix an issue where the default server-group is being deleted if the load-server json file contains no servers.
Issue #6720 - Fix an issue of the incorrect format (no indent) of SQL stored functions/procedures.
Issue #6769 - Server config information in the about dialog should be only visible to admin users.
Issue #6784 - Fixed an issue where Schema Diff does not work when the user language is set to any language other than English in Preferences.
Issue #6817 - Fixed the query generated when creating subscription where copy_data parameter was missing.
Issue #6820 - Ensure backup/restore/maintenance works with invalid pgpass file parameter.
Issue #6835 - Fix an issue where OAUTH_ADDITIONAL_CLAIMS does not recognise AzureAD with > 150 groups.
Issue #6840 - Fixed circular import error occurring while deploying cloud PostgreSQL instance from pgAdmin.
Issue #6874 - Fix an issue where the browser window stuck on spinning with an Oauth user without email.
Issue #6875 - Fix an issue where import/export data is not working for shared servers.
Issue #6877 - Remove the max length of 255 from password exec command in server configuration dialog.
Issue #6884 - Remove gettext from empty strings in the title of the storage graph.
Issue #6902 - Fixed an issue where the change server password is not working in desktop mode.
Issue #6904 - Fix a crash issue occurring when debugging a function with arguments when using pgAdmin with external config database.
Issue #6920 - Fix an issue in ERD tool where SQL generated is missing columns for the table.
Issue #6934 - Clear the password field in the config database on clear saved server password.
Issue #6962 - Fixed an issue where the data type of the array type was not visible for the column in the Foreign Table dialog.