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Version 6.13

Release date: 2022-08-25

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin 4 v6.12.

Supported Database Servers

PostgreSQL: 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14

EDB Advanced Server: 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14

New features

Issue #3709 - Added support to show all background processes in separate panel.
Issue #7387 - Added support to create triggers from existing trigger functions in EPAS.


Issue #7344 - Port Role Reassign dialog to React.
Issue #7345 - Port User Management dialog to React.
Issue #7404 - Port process watcher to React.
Issue #7462 - Remove the SQL files for the unsupported versions of the database server.
Issue #7567 - Port About dialog to React.
Issue #7568 - Port change user password and 2FA dialog to React.
Issue #7590 - Port change ownership dialog to React.
Issue #7595 - Update the container base image to Alpine 3.16 (with Python 3.10.5).
Issue #7602 - Fixed improper parsing of HTTP requests in Pallets Werkzeug v2.1.0 and below (CVE-2022-29361).

Bug fixes

Issue #7452 - Ensure that an error is thrown if clipboard access is not provided and change the copy rows shortcut.
Issue #7468 - Fixed an issue where the History tab is getting blank and showing an error after some queries are executed.
Issue #7481 - Fixed an issue where OWNED BY was incorrectly set to NONE when adding user privileges on the sequence.
Issue #7497 - Fixed an issue with the error message being displayed at the right place for Azure deployments.
Issue #7521 - Fixed an issue where the Query Editor loses focus when saving a query (Alt+s).
Issue #7527 - Fixed API test cases for Postgres 14.4.
Issue #7540 - Ensure that rename panel should work on view/edit panels.
Issue #7563 - Fixed an issue where autocomplete is not working after clearing the query editor.
Issue #7573 - Ensure that autocomplete does not appear when navigating code using arrow keys.
Issue #7575 - Fixed an issue where Alt-Shift-Q didn’t work after creating a new query.
Issue #7579 - Fixed an issue where copy and pasting a row in the results grid doesn’t set the default for boolean.
Issue #7586 - Fixed an issue with rendering geometry when selecting a complete column.
Issue #7587 - Ensure that the children of information_schema and pg_catalog node should be displayed.
Issue #7591 - Fixed column “none” does not exist issue, while comparing schema objects.
Issue #7596 - Fixed an issue where schema diff did not pick up the change in RLS policy.
Issue #7608 - Fixed an issue where the cloud deployment wizard creates the cluster with the High Availability even if that option is not selected.
Issue #7611 - Ensure that schema diff maintains view ownership when view definitions are modified.
Issue #7614 - Fixed crypt key is missing issue when logout from the pgAdmin.
Issue #7616 - Ensure that the next button should be disabled if the password did not match for Azure deployment.
Issue #7617 - Fixed an issue where Azure cloud deployment failed.
Issue #7625 - Fixed Spanish translations typo.
Issue #7630 - Ensure that If the trigger function definition is changed, drop and recreate the trigger in the schema diff.
Issue #7632 - Fixed an issue where a user could not authenticate using Azure CLI on OSX.
Issue #7633 - Ensure that the autofocus is on the input control for the master password and server password dialogs.
Issue #7641 - Pin Flask-SocketIO <= v5.2.0. The latest version does not support Werkzeug in production environments.