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Version 6.15

Release date: 2022-10-20

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin 4 v6.14.

Supported Database Servers

PostgreSQL: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15

EDB Advanced Server: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15

New features

Issue #3491 - Added support for IAM token based authentication for AWS RDS or Azure DB.
Issue #4392 - Added support to specify the background fill color to the table nodes in the ERD tool.
Issue #4994 - Allow reordering table columns using drag and drop in ERD Tool.
Issue #4997 - Add option to generate SQL with DROP table DDL in ERD Tool.
Issue #5304 - Added high availability options to AWS deployment.
Issue #5390 - Expose the Gunicorn limit_request_line parameter in the container, with the default set to the maximum 8190.


Issue #5065 - Use SocketIO instead of REST for fetching database tables data in ERD.
Issue #5293 - Ensure that the tooltips are consistent throughout the entire application.
Issue #5357 - Remove Python’s ‘Six’ package completely.

Bug fixes

Issue #5101 - Ensure consistent orderings for ACLS when comparing schemas in the schema diff.
Issue #5132 - Ensure that the result grid column should take width as pre preferences setting on first execution.
Issue #5133 - Fixed an exception occur while taking backup and SSL certificates/keys are not found in the specified path.
Issue #5145 - Fixed intermittent error shown while OAuth2 login.
Issue #5167 - Ensure that the path to the psqlrc file is correct when multiple users open the PSQL tool at the same time.
Issue #5188 - Ensure that the continue/start button should be disabled if the user stops the Debugger for the procedures.
Issue #5210 - Ensure that the query tool creates a new tab with the appropriate user when pressing Alt+Shift+Q.
Issue #5212 - Added the close button for all the notifications of the notistack.
Issue #5249 - Added the ability to display the selected text from the query tool in the find/replace box.
Issue #5261 - Ensure that the search filter should be cleared when a new row is added to the user management.
Issue #5262 - Ensure that the user management dialog should not allow the same email addresses with different letter casings when creating users.
Issue #5277 - Fixed XSS vulnerability issues.
Issue #5296 - Ensure that the scroll position should be preserved for the result set in the query tool on tab change.
Issue #5308 - Ensure that the default value for a column should be used if it is made empty.
Issue #5327 - Fixed an issue where user was unable to select privileges in Safari.
Issue #5332 - Fixed console warning shown while updating database node from browser tree.
Issue #5338 - Fixed an issue where the prompt is not visible when clicking on the ‘save results to file’ button on the large data.
Issue #5352 - Fixed error occurring while LDAP authentication for a user with multiple email attributes.
Issue #5364 - Fixed an issue where notifications disappeared quickly.
Issue #5367 - Ensure that the correct value should be returned if an exception occurs while decoding the password.
Issue #5368 - Fixed the issue while downloading the file from the file manager.
Issue #5386 - Ensure that the login form is hidden if the authentication source is OAuth2 or Kerberos.
Issue #5397 - Fixed an issue where the password recovery link was not working.
Issue #5402 - Ensure that scroll bar on browser tree should be visible on windows resize.
Issue #5405 - Fixed the cross-site scripting vulnerability.
Issue #5427 - Fixed an issue where filtered rows were not working.