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Warning: This documentation is for a pre-release version of pgAdmin 4


Version 4.19

Release date: 2020-03-05

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 4.18.

New features

Issue #5154 - Added accessibility support in AlertifyJS.
Issue #5170 - Added Czech language support.
Issue #5179 - Added Python 3.8 support.


Issue #5088 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for the Event Trigger module.
Issue #5133 - Improvements in the UI for both default and dark themes.
Issue #5176 - Enhance logging by tracking stdout and stderr of subprocess when log level set to DEBUG.
Issue #5185 - Added option to override the class name of a label tag for select2 control.

Bug fixes

Issue #4955 - Changed the color of selected and hovered item for Select2 dropdown.
Issue #4996 - Improve the style of the highlighted code after query execution for Dark mode.
Issue #5058 - Ensure that AlertifyJS should not be visible as a title for alert dialog.
Issue #5077 - Changed background pattern for geometry viewer to use #fff for all themes.
Issue #5101 - Fix an issue where debugger not showing all arguments anymore after hitting SQL error while debugging.
Issue #5107 - Set proper focus on tab navigation for file manager dialog.
Issue #5115 - Fix an issue where command and statements were parsed incorrectly for Rules.
Issue #5142 - Ensure that all the transactions should be canceled before closing the connections when a server is disconnected using pgAdmin.
Issue #5184 - Fixed Firefox monospaced issue by updating the font to the latest version.
Issue #5214 - Update Flask-SQLAlchemy and SQLAlchemy package which is not working on Windows with Python 3.8.
Issue #5215 - Fix syntax error when changing the event type for the existing rule.