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Warning: This documentation is for a pre-release version of pgAdmin 4


Version 3.2

Release date: 2018-08-09

This release contains a number of features and fixes reported since the release of pgAdmin4 3.1


Issue #2136 - Added version number for URL’s to ensure that files are only cached on a per-version basis.
Issue #2214 - Add support for SCRAM password changes (requires psycopg2 >= 2.8).
Issue #3074 - Add support for reset saved password.
Issue #3397 - Add support for Trigger and JIT stats in the graphical query plan viewer.
Issue #3412 - Add support for primary key, foreign key, unique key, indexes and triggers on partitioned tables for PG/EPAS 11.
Issue #3506 - Allow the user to specify a fixed port number in the runtime to aid cookie whitelisting etc.
Issue #3510 - Add a menu option to the runtime to copy the appserver URL to the clipboard.

Bug fixes

Issue #3185 - Fix the upgrade check on macOS.
Issue #3191 - Fix a number of debugger execution issues.
Issue #3294 - Infrastructure (and changes to the Query Tool, Dashboards and Debugger) for realtime preference handling.
Issue #3309 - Fix Directory format support for backups.
Issue #3316 - Support running on systems without a system tray.
Issue #3319 - Cleanup and fix handling of Query Tool Cancel button status.
Issue #3363 - Fix restoring of restore options for sections.
Issue #3371 - Don’t create a session when the /misc/ping test endpoint is called.
Issue #3446 - Various procedure/function related fixes for EPAS/PG 11.
Issue #3448 - Exclude system columns in Import/Export.
Issue #3457 - Fix debugging of procedures in EPAS packages.
Issue #3458 - pgAdmin4 should work with python 3.7.
Issue #3468 - Support SSH tunneling with keys that don’t have a passphrase.
Issue #3471 - Ensure the SSH tunnel port number is honoured.
Issue #3511 - Add support to save and clear SSH Tunnel password.
Issue #3526 - COST statement should not be automatically duplicated after creating trigger function.
Issue #3527 - View Data->Filtered Rows dialog should be displayed.