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Warning: This documentation is for a pre-release version of pgAdmin 4


Version 4.17

Release date: 2020-01-09

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 4.16.

New features

Issue #4764 - Allow screen-reader to read relationship attributes in nested elements.
Issue #5060 - Ensure all binaries are securely signed and linked with the hardened runtime in the macOS bundle


Issue #4988 - Refactored SQL of Table’s and it’s child nodes.
Issue #5023 - Refactored SQL of Views and Materialized Views.
Issue #5024 - Refactored SQL of Functions and Procedures.
Issue #5038 - Added support for on-demand loading of items in Select2.
Issue #5048 - Added code coverage tool for pgAdmin.

Bug fixes

Issue #4198 - Fix syntax highlighting in code mirror for backslash and escape constant.
Issue #4506 - Fix an issue where clicking on an empty textbox like fill factor or comments, considers it as change and enabled the save button.
Issue #4633 - Added support to view multilevel partitioned tables.
Issue #4842 - Ensure that constraints, indexes, rules, triggers, and compound triggers should be created on partitions.
Issue #4943 - Added more information to the ‘Database connected/disconnected’ message.
Issue #4950 - Ensure that the user should be able to select/modify tablespace for the partitioned table on v12 and above.
Issue #4999 - Rename some internal environment variables that could conflict with Kubernetes.
Issue #5004 - Fix vulnerability issues reported by ‘yarn audit’. Replace the deprecated uglifyjs-webpack-plugin with a terser-webpack-plugin.
Issue #5008 - Ensure that the error message should not be displayed if Tablespace is not selected while creating the index.
Issue #5009 - Fix an issue where operator, access method and operator class is not visible for exclusion constraints.
Issue #5013 - Add a note to the documentation about the use of non-privileged ports on filesystems that don’t support extended attributes when running the container.
Issue #5047 - Added tab navigation for tabs under explain panel in query tool.
Issue #5068 - Fix an issue where the table is not created with autovacuum_enabled and toast.autovacuum_enabled for PG/EPAS 12.