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Warning: This documentation is for a pre-release version of pgAdmin 4

Master Password

A master password is required to secure and later unlock the saved server passwords. This is applicable only for desktop mode users.

  • You are prompted to enter the master password when you open the window for the first time after starting the application.

  • Once you set the master password, all the existing saved passwords will be re-encrypted using the master password.

  • The server passwords which are saved in the SQLite DB file or External Database are encrypted and decrypted using the master password.

Set master password


pgAdmin aims to be secure by default, however, you can disable the master password by setting the configuration parameter MASTER_PASSWORD_REQUIRED=False. See The File for more information on configuration parameters and how they can be changed or enforced across an organisation.


If the master password is disabled, then all the saved passwords will be removed.


If the master password is disabled, then the saved passwords will be encrypted using a key which is derived from information within the configuration database. Use of a master password ensures that the encryption key does not need to be stored anywhere, and thus prevents possible access to server credentials if the configuration database becomes available to an attacker.

It is strongly recommended that you use the master password if you use the Save Password option.

  • The master password is not stored anywhere on the physical storage. It is temporarily stored in the application memory and it does not get saved when the application is restarted.

  • You are prompted to enter the master password when pgAdmin server is restarted.

Enter master password
  • If you forget the master password, you can use the Reset Master Password button to reset the password.

Reset master password


Resetting the master password will also remove all saved passwords and close all existing established connections.

Note: pgAdmin 4 will use the OS password manager from version 7.2 onwards and fallback to master password if OS password manager is not available.