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pgAdmin 1.4 was released with over a dozen language options and more than another 25 translations are in various states of completion. If a language you find here isn't included in your distribution package, you can easily upgrade your installation to support that additional translation. Simply locate the appropriate language file (pgadmin3.mo) in the translation status section, create a subdirectory in your installation's i18n directory with a name corresponding to the locale code, and copy the new translation file into that directory. You might need to update the language description file i18n/pgadmin3.lng to allow the new translation to appear in the language selection combobox.

Contribute a translation

We need your help to translate pgAdmin into additional languages. Everyone can participate, please refer to the translation howto for more information. This web site can also be translated using the pgadmin3_website.pot file. If you are interested in the translation of PostgreSQL server messages, please visit the PostgreSQL National Language Support project page.