Mailing list

The pgadmin-support mailing list is intended for end user support and bug reports. To subscribe to the mailing list, send an email to pgadmin-support-request@postgresql.org with the word 'subscribe', without quotes, as the body of message. To unsubscribe, send the word 'unsubscribe'.

If you are posting a bug report, please include the following information where possible:

  • The version of pgAdmin you are running. If it is a development snapshot, please include the build date from the Help -> About screen, and GIT repository version if known.
  • The configure options used (if compiled from source)
  • The operating system and version details - e.g. Windows 10, or macOS 10.11.5
  • Whether you're running in server or desktop mode
  • The Qt version and configure options used (if compiled from source)
  • The Python version and configure options used (if running in server mode)
  • The output from pip freeze (if running in server mode)
  • Steps required to reproduce the problem. Please include a simple schema with optional data if required. This may be sent privately upon request from a developer if you are concerned about posting sample code or data to a public mailing list.

Messages sent to the list are archived publicly and permanently at the PostgreSQL Archives.

Please do not send an email directly to one of the developers; they might miss it, or even be the wrong person at all. Using the mailing list helps ensure that your request isn't lost and will be answered in a timely fashion.