Known bugs

The information displayed is extracted automatically from the pgAdmin GIT repository.

Known issues
pgAdmin III

[DLG] Working with property dialog after the corresponding node is 
      refreshed crashes
[DLG] Working with objects in the default schema with the same names as ones in
      pg_catalog is unlikely to work well. To fix this, we need a test in 
      pgDatabase::GetSchemaPrefix to check whether the object in question fits
      into this class. This is likely to be an expensive test in an oft-used
      function, and will be invasive to fix as we'd need to pass the object 
      name and type to the function from every call site.

[FRM] Editing very large columns freezes (might be restricted to bytea) the
      edit grid


[STC] ASSERT when typing a multibyte char [wx patch 1072408]

[GTK] Scrollbar doesn't scroll page by page in the browser tree.

[STC] Lexer doesn't know about escaping quotes

[GTK] FindFocus reports bogus controls. Symptom: select a menu or toolbar, 
      but nothing happens.

[GTK] combobox positioning when height is not specified; current workaround: 
      fixed 12d height

[GTK] Crash with some themes; probably gtk issue.

[AUI] If a pane with a minimum size set is docked next to the center pane, it
      is possible to drag either side such that the panes size is less than
      the minimum. In addition, the minimum size doesn't appear to be honoured
      at all by the center pane. wxWidgets bug ref: 1578958
[MSW] In 2.7+ on wxMSW, it seems that the return key is acting like tab
      normally does in dialogues - ie. where the control doesn't catch the 
      keypress, the focus moves to the next control in the tab order. Default
      buttons on the dialogue don't get activated. wxWidgets bug ref: 1582051.
      This will not be fixed in wxWidgets.
[MAC] wxWindow::SetFont() is broken on wxMac - changing the applicaiton font 
      has no effect. wxWidgets bug ref: 1584926

[MAC] An About menu item is automatically added to frmQuery and frmEditGrid
      by wxWidgets(?). Currently this does nothing - add supporting code to
      display the About box?

[FRM] Opening a modal dialogue from one query tool window blocks shortcut
      keys in another which is currently focused.

[MAC] Command-W doesn't close dialogs as expected on Mac. This is more 
      tricky than it sounds because key events don't propagate from controls
      to the parent window.

[STC] The GetCurrentPos() function returns byte positions, not character
      positions. This means that the 'ch' value show in the status bar of the
      Query Tool may show incorrect values if there are any multibyte 
      characters prior to the current position. See wxWidgets bug ref: 1598444

[FRM] MS Context menu key doesn't work in Windows on the treeview. The key
      doesn't seem to get caught by the key events either.

[AUI] Keyboard navigation between panes does not appear to be possible. See 
      wxWidgets bug ref: 1754646

[STC] The numeric keypad doesn't work with the styled text control under wxMac.
      wxWidgets bug ref: 1776244
[MAC] Explicitly adding text objects to the clipboard (as Copy on the edit grid 
      does) crashes with multibyte text. 
      wxWidgets bug ref: 1801114

[MAC] The AutoComplete menu opens with the first item selected. Pressing the 
      down arrow results in the second items being selected as well. Further
      items cannot be selected. Works fine with the mouse.
      wxWidgets bug ref: 1805515
[STC] The STC cannot render long lines (10's of thosands of characters) 
      wxWidgets bug ref: 1809461

[MAC] Control+E will execute a query in the query tool for unknown reasons.
      This is dangerous as Control+E is the Emacs key binding for 'go to the
      end of the line'
[MAC] | and + keys don't work with the STC when using a Polish Pro keyboard
      wxWidgets bug ref: 9607

MS Windows

[GRD] When in edit mode in a text column in the edit grid, selecting all text
      and then copying (from the context menu, or CTRL-C) results in some RTF
      code being added to the end of the string which, when pasted into an RTF
      aware text control becomes a new line. This is repeatable entirely in MS
      Wordpad, or in combination with it, thus is believed to be a Microsoft