pgAdmin 1.6 online documentation

pgAdmin Options - Tab 1 (General)

  • Language - When you first started pgAdmin, it will have allowed you to select the language it should display. This setting may be changed here.
  • SQL help site - SQL help may be accessed by pressing F1 within pgAdmin, which will display the most appropriate PostgreSQL helpfile for the current object selection or open dialogue. This setting allows you to modify the location under which those files may be found. You may specify a local directory path, or a URL if you wish to use documents on a website. pgAdmin expects to find files at this location from the standard PostgreSQL documentation set. By default, this setting is left blank in which case pgAdmin will use the help files in the included HTML Help system. If you set a value here, pgAdmin will look for normal HTML files at the location specified.
  • HTTP proxy- Use a proxy to access the web. This must be provided in the form host:port or left blank if not proxy is used.
  • System schemas- You can suppress the display of additional schemas, by declaring them a system schema. This field takes a list of comma separated strings.
  • Slony-I path- To enable pgAdmin III to create Slony-I replication clusters from scratch, you need to enter the path to the Slony-I script installation directory here. If no valid scripts can be found, only joining existing clusters is possible.