pgAdmin 1.4 online documentation

pgAdmin Options - Tab 2 (Preferences)

  • Font - This option allows you to select the font used in as standard font throughout pgAdmin. This may be useful for countries with multibyte character sets where standard fonts may not display well, or if you want to use a font different from the one configured on your system.
  • Read and write Unicode UTF-8 files - Select this option to enable pgAdmin if you want to write Unicode UTF-8 files by default.
  • Do not prompt for unsaved files on exit - Selecting this option will prevent pgAdmin from prompting you to save SQL queries upon exit.
  • Confirm object deletion? - Select this option to ensure pgAdmin gives you a chance to confirm before objects are deleted (recommended).
  • Show users for privileges? - When viewing the Privileges tab on objects that support them, selecting this option will include usernames as well as groups in the subject list. Switching off this option is useful on large systems with many users that are organised in groups.
  • Show object properties on double click in treeview? - Selecting this option will allow double clicking of objects in the treeview to open the Properties dialogue for that object. Some users prefer to disable this option to browse the treeview by double clicking instead.
  • Do not show guru hints; I'm one myself - pgAdmin III pops up hint windows from time to time, if it thinks you might need some support. If you feel annoyed by this and want to suppress this behaviour, you can check this box.
  • Reset guru hints - When a guru hint is displayed, you may have selected to suppress it to be shown in the future. If you want the hint to reappear, check this box.