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Version 6.9

Release date: 2022-05-12

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 6.8.

New features

Issue #3253 - Added status bar to the Query Tool.
Issue #3989 - Ensure that row numbers should be visible in view when scrolling horizontally.
Issue #6830 - Relocate GIS Viewer Button to the Left Side of the Results Table.
Issue #7179 - Added capability to deploy PostgreSQL servers on EDB BigAnimal.
Issue #7282 - Added options ‘Ignore owner’ and ‘Ignore whitespace’ to the schema diff panel.
Issue #7325 - Added support for Azure AD OAUTH2 authentication.


Issue #6131 - Port query tool to React.
Issue #6746 - Improve the Kerberos Documentation.
Issue #7255 - Ensure the database and schema restriction controls are not shown as a drop-down.
Issue #7340 - Port data filter dialog to React.

Bug fixes

Issue #6725 - Fixed an issue where the Query tool opens on minimum size if the user opens multiple query tool Window quickly.
Issue #6958 - Only set permissions on the storage directory upon creation.
Issue #7026 - Fixed an issue where the Browser panel is not completely viewable.
Issue #7168 - Improvement to the Geometry Viewer popup to change the size of the result tables when column names are quite long.
Issue #7187 - Fixed an issue where the downloaded ERD diagram was 0 bytes.
Issue #7188 - Fixed an issue where the connection bar is not visible.
Issue #7231 - Don’t strip binaries when packaging them in the server RPM as this might break cpython modules.
Issue #7252 - Ensure that Columns should always be visible in the import/export dialog.
Issue #7260 - Fixed an issue where an Empty message popup after running a query.
Issue #7262 - Ensure that Autocomplete should work after changing the connection.
Issue #7294 - Fixed an issue where the copy and paste row does not work if the first column contains no data.
Issue #7296 - Ensure that after deleting multiple objects from the properties panel, the browser tree should be refreshed.
Issue #7299 - Fixed sorting issue in the statistics panel.
Issue #7305 - Fixed an issue where the Dashboard Server Activity was showing old queries as active.
Issue #7307 - Fixed an issue where the table showed duplicate columns when creating multiple sequences on the same column.
Issue #7308 - Ensure that sorting should be preserved on refresh for Server Activity.
Issue #7322 - Fixed an issue while creating a new database throwing an error that failed to retrieve data.
Issue #7333 - Fixed an issue where the drag and drop table in ERD throws an error.
Issue #7339 - Ensure that the Dashboard column sort order should be remembered when the refresh button is clicked.