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Version 6.11

Release date: 2022-06-30

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin 4 v6.10.

New features

Issue #2647 - Added mouse over indication for breakpoint area in the Debugger.
Issue #2648 - Added search text option to the Debugger panel.
Issue #7178 - Added capability to deploy PostgreSQL servers on Microsoft Azure.
Issue #7332 - Added support for passing password using Docker Secret to Docker images.
Issue #7351 - Added the option ‘Show template databases?’ to display template databases regardless of the setting of ‘Show system objects?’.
Issue #7485 - Added support for visualise the graph using a Line chart in the query tool.


Issue #6132 - Port Debugger to React.
Issue #7315 - Updates documentation for the Traefik v2 container deployment.
Issue #7411 - Update pgcli to latest release 3.4.1.
Issue #7469 - Upgrade Chartjs to the latest 3.8.0.

Bug fixes

Issue #7423 - Fixed an issue where there is no setting to turn off notifications in the Query Tool.
Issue #7440 - Fixed an issue where passwords entered in the ‘Connect To Server’ dialog were truncated.
Issue #7441 - Ensure that the Query Editor should be focused when switching between query tool tabs.
Issue #7443 - Fixed and issue where ‘Use spaces’ not working in the query tool.
Issue #7453 - Fixed an issue where the Database restriction is not working.
Issue #7460 - Fixed an issue where pgAdmin stuck while creating a new index.
Issue #7461 - Fixed an issue where the connection wasn’t being closed when the user switched to a new connection and closed the query tool.
Issue #7468 - Skip the history records if the JSON info can’t be parsed instead of showing ‘No history’.
Issue #7502 - Fixed an issue where an error message is displayed when creating the new database.
Issue #7506 - Fixed permission denied error when deploying PostgreSQL in Azure using Docker.