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Version 6.0

Release date: 2021-10-07

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 5.7.

New features

Issue #4211 - Added support for OWNED BY Clause for sequences.


Issue #5741 - Revisit all the CREATE and DROP DDL’s to add appropriate ‘IF EXISTS’, ‘CASCADE’ and ‘CREATE OR REPLACE’.
Issue #6129 - Port browser tree to React.
Issue #6588 - Port object nodes and properties dialogs to React.
Issue #6687 - Port Grant Wizard to react.
Issue #6692 - Remove GPDB support completely.

Bug fixes

Issue #2097 - Fixed an issue where grant wizard is unresponsive if the database size is huge.
Issue #2546 - Added support to create the Partitioned table using COLLATE and opclass.
Issue #3827 - Ensure that in the Query History tab, query details should be scrollable.
Issue #6712 - Fixed an issue where collapse and expand arrows mismatch in case of nested IF.
Issue #6713 - Fixed an issue where the last message is not visible in the Debugger.
Issue #6723 - Updated query error row selection color as per dark theme style guide.
Issue #6724 - Fixed an issue where the drop cascade button enables for Databases.
Issue #6736 - Fixed an issue where Refresh view options are not working for materialized view.
Issue #6755 - Fixed keyerror issue in schema diff for ‘attnum’ and ‘edit_types’ parameter.
Issue #6759 - Ensure that RLS names should not be editable in the collection node of properties tab.
Issue #6798 - Fixed an issue where Execute button of the query tool gets disabled once we change anything in the data grid.
Issue #6834 - Ensure that SQL help should work for EPAS servers.