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Version 5.7

Release date: 2021-09-09

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 5.6.

New features

Issue #2538 - Added support for the truncate table with restart identity.
Issue #4264 - Make code folding case insensitive in the code mirror.
Issue #4629 - Added database and server information on the Maintenance process watcher dialog.
Issue #6495 - Allow the referenced table to be the same as the local table in one to many relationship for ERD Tool.
Issue #6625 - Make closing tabs to be smarter by focusing on the appropriate tab when the user closed a tab.
Issue #6691 - Set PSQLRC and PSQL_HISTORY env vars to apt. user storage path in the server mode.


Bug fixes

Issue #4567 - Fixed an issue where privileges were revoked using SQL query on objects like tables that do not correctly show in SQL tab.
Issue #4815 - Fixed an issue where the user can not paste the updated table header in safari 12 and 13 browsers.
Issue #5849 - Ensure that trigger function SQL should have ‘create or replace function’ instead of ‘create function’ only.
Issue #6419 - Fixed blank screen issue on windows and also made changes to use NWjs manifest for remembering window size.
Issue #6531 - Fixed the export image issue where relation lines are over the nodes.
Issue #6544 - Fixed width limitation issue in PSQL tool window.
Issue #6564 - Fixed an issue where columns with sequences get altered unnecessarily with a schema diff tool.
Issue #6570 - Ensure that the lock panel should not be blocked for larger records.
Issue #6572 - Partially fixes the data output panel display issue.
Issue #6620 - Fixed an issue where whitespace in function bodies was not applied while generating the script using Schema Diff.
Issue #6627 - Introduced OAUTH2_SCOPE variable for the Oauth2 scope configuration.
Issue #6641 - Enables pgAdmin to retrieve user permissions in case of nested roles which helps to terminate the session for AWS RDS.
Issue #6663 - Fixed no attribute ‘_asdict’ error when connecting the database server.
Issue #6668 - Fixed errors related to HTML tags shown in the error message for JSON editor.
Issue #6671 - Fixed UnboundLocalError where local variable ‘user_id’ referenced before assignment.
Issue #6682 - Renamed ‘Auto rollback?’ to ‘Auto rollback on error?’.
Issue #6684 - Fixed the JSON editor issue of hiding the first record.
Issue #6685 - Ensure that deleting a database should not automatically connect to the next database.
Issue #6704 - Ensure that pgAdmin should not fail at login due to a special character in the hostname.
Issue #6710 - Fixed an issue where multiple query tool tabs getting closed for the single close event.