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Version 5.5

Release date: 2021-07-15

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 5.4.

New features

Issue #1975 - Highlighted long running queries on the dashboards.
Issue #3893 - Added support for Reassign/Drop Owned for login roles.
Issue #3920 - Do not block the query editor window when running a query.
Issue #5940 - Added support for OAuth 2 authentication.
Issue #6559 - Added option to provide maximum width of the column when ‘Resize by data?’ option in the preferences is set to True.


Bug fixes

Issue #4189 - Ensure that the Data Output panel can be snapped back after it is detached.
Issue #6388 - Fixed replace keyboard shortcut issue in the query tool on the normal keyboard layout.
Issue #6398 - Fixed an issue where detaching the query editor panel gives a blank white panel.
Issue #6427 - Remove leading whitespace and replace it with ‘[…] ‘ in the Query Tool data grid so cells don’t look empty.
Issue #6448 - Fixed an issue in the search object when searching in ‘all types’ or ‘subscription’ if the user doesn’t have access to the subscription.
Issue #6489 - Fixed an issue where Execute/Refresh button should not be disabled when we run the empty query.
Issue #6505 - Fixed an issue where the New Connection Drop Down has lost default maintenance database, auto-select, and tab-through functionality.
Issue #6536 - Fixed directory selection issue with the folder dialog.
Issue #6541 - Ensure that setting ‘Open in new browser tab’ should be visible, it should not be based on the value of ‘ENABLE_PSQL’.
Issue #6547 - Fixed copy/paste issues for PSQL tool terminal.
Issue #6550 - Disable email deliverability check that was introduced in flask-security-too by default to maintain backwards compatibility.
Issue #6555 - Fixed Czech translation string for ‘Login’ keyword.
Issue #6557 - Fixed an issue where incorrect column name listed in the properties of Index.