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Version 5.4

Release date: 2021-06-17

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 5.3.

New features

Issue #1561 - Added browse button to select the binary path in the Preferences.
Issue #1591 - Added Grant Wizard option under Package node.
Issue #2341 - Added support to launch PSQL for the connected database server.
Issue #4064 - Added window maximize/restore functionality for properties dialog.
Issue #5370 - Added support to set the binary path for the different database server versions.
Issue #6231 - Added OS, Browser, Configuration details in the About dialog.
Issue #6395 - Added support for rotating the pgAdmin log file on the basis of size and age.
Issue #6524 - Support non-admin installation on Windows.


Issue #4622 - Added RESQL/MSQL test cases for Table and its child nodes.
Issue #6225 - Updated Flask-Security-Too to the latest v4.
Issue #6460 - Added a mechanism to detect a corrupt/broken config database file.

Bug fixes

Issue #4203 - Fixed the issue of renaming the database by another user.
Issue #6404 - Ensure that the Query Tool connection string should not be changed as per the ‘Query Tool tab title’.
Issue #6466 - Ensure that the user should be able to add members in Login/Role group while creating it.
Issue #6469 - Ensure that the calendar control should be disabled in the properties panel for Role.
Issue #6473 - Disable browser password saving in the runtime.
Issue #6478 - Fixed duplicate SQL issue for tables with more than one partition.
Issue #6482 - Fixed an issue where the Foreground Color property of server dialog does not work.
Issue #6513 - Fixed an issue where pgAdmin does not open after password reset in server mode.
Issue #6520 - Fixed an issue where a decimal number is appended for character varying fields while downloading the data in CSV format.