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Version 5.3

Release date: 2021-05-20

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 5.2.

New features

Issue #5954 - Added support to set auto width of columns by content size in the data output window.
Issue #6158 - Added support to connect PostgreSQL servers via Kerberos authentication.
Issue #6397 - Added “IF NOT EXISTS” clause while creating tables and partition tables which is convenient while using the ERD tool.


Bug fixes

Issue #4436 - Fixed an issue where drag and drop object is not correct in codemirror for properties dialog.
Issue #5477 - Added support for cache bust webpack chunk files.
Issue #5555 - Fixed an issue where data is displayed in the wrong order when executing the query repeatedly.
Issue #5776 - Ensure that while connecting to the server using SSPI login, it should not prompt for the password.
Issue #6329 - Fixed an issue where the wrong SQL is showing for the child partition tables.
Issue #6341 - Fixed an issue where CSV download quotes the numeric columns.
Issue #6355 - Ensure that pgAdmin should not allow opening external files that are dragged into it.
Issue #6377 - Fixed an issue where schema diff does not create DROP DEFAULT statement for columns.
Issue #6385 - Ensure that Backup and Restore should work on shared servers.
Issue #6392 - Fixed an issue where the filter ‘Include/Exclude By Selection’ not working for null values.
Issue #6399 - Ensure that the user should not be able to add duplicate panels.
Issue #6407 - Added support for the creation of Nested Table and Varying Array Type for Advanced Server.
Issue #6408 - Fixed ModuleNotFoundError when running from outside of the root.
Issue #6409 - Fixed an issue where the current debug line is not visible in the ‘Dark’ theme.
Issue #6413 - Fixed an issue where duplicate columns are visible in the browser tree, which is owned by two sequences.
Issue #6414 - Fixed an issue where the Help message not displaying correctly on Login/Group role.
Issue #6416 - Added comment column in the properties panel for View and Materialized View collection node.
Issue #6417 - Fixed an issue where query editor is not being closed if the user clicks on the ‘Don’t Save’ button.
Issue #6420 - Ensure that pgAdmin4 shut down completely on the Quit command.
Issue #6443 - Fixed an issue where file dialog showing incorrect files for the selected file types.
Issue #6444 - Fixed an issue where the user is not warned if Kerberos ticket expiration is less than 30 min while initiating a global backup.
Issue #6445 - Ensure that proper identification should be there when the server is connected using Kerberos or without Kerberos.