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Version 4.9

Release date: 2019-06-27

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 4.8.

New features

Issue #3174 - Visually distinguish simple tables from tables that are inherited and from which other tables are inherited.


Issue #4202 - Add a framework for testing reversed engineered SQL and CRUD API endpoints.

Bug fixes

Issue #3994 - Fix issue where the dependencies tab for inherited tables/foreign keys shows partial text.
Issue #4036 - Allow editing of data where a primary key column includes a % sign in the value.
Issue #4171 - Fix issue where reverse engineered SQL was failing for foreign tables, if it had “=” in the options.
Issue #4195 - Fix keyboard navigation in “inner” tabsets such as the Query Tool and Debugger.
Issue #4228 - Ensure the correct label is used in panel headers when viewing filtered rows.
Issue #4253 - Fix issue where new column should be created with Default value.
Issue #4283 - Initial support for PostgreSQL 12.
Issue #4288 - Initial support for PostgreSQL 12.
Issue #4290 - Initial support for PostgreSQL 12.
Issue #4255 - Prevent the geometry viewer grabbing key presses when not in focus under Firefox, IE and Edge.
Issue #4306 - Prevent the “Please login to access this page” message displaying multiple times.
Issue #4310 - Ensure that the Return key can be used to submit the Master Password dialogue.
Issue #4317 - Ensure that browser auto-fill doesn’t cause Help pages to be opened unexpectedly.
Issue #4320 - Fix issue where SSH tunnel connection using password is failing, it’s regression of Master Password.
Issue #4329 - Fix an initialisation error when two functions with parameters are debugged in parallel.
Issue #4343 - Fix issue where property dialog of column should open properly for EPAS v12.
Issue #4345 - Capitalize the word ‘export’ used in Import/Export module.
Issue #4349 - Ensure strings are properly encoded in the Query History.
Issue #4350 - Ensure we include the CSRF token when uploading files.
Issue #4357 - Fix connection restoration issue when pgAdmin server is restarted and the page is refreshed.
Issue #4360 - Ensure the debugger control buttons are only enabled once initialisation is complete.
Issue #4362 - Remove additional “SETOF” included when generating CREATE scripts for trigger functions.
Issue #4365 - Fix help links for backup globals and backup server.
Issue #4367 - Fix an XSS issue seen in View/Edit data mode if a column name includes HTML.
Issue #4378 - Ensure Python escaping matched JS escaping and fix a minor XSS issue in the Query Tool that required superuser access to trigger.
Issue #4380 - Ensure that both columns and partitions can be edited at the same time in the table dialog.
Issue #4386 - Fix an XSS issue when username contains XSS vulnerable text.