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Version 4.6

Release date: 2019-05-02

This release contains a number of new features and fixes reported since the release of pgAdmin4 4.5


Issue #4165 - Depend on psycopg2-binary in the Python wheel, rather than psycopg2.

Bug fixes

Issue #2392 - Ensure that on clicking Delete button should not delete rows immediately from the database server, it should be deleted when Save button will be clicked.
Issue #3327 - Ensure that newly added row in backgrid should be visible.
Issue #3582 - Ensure that JSON strings as comments should be added properly for all the objects.
Issue #3605 - Fix an issue where Deleting N number of rows makes first N number of rows disable.
Issue #3938 - Added support for Default Partition.
Issue #4087 - Fix an issue where ‘GRANT UPDATE’ sql should be displayed for default sequence privileges.
Issue #4101 - Ensure that confirmation dialog should be popped up before reload of query tool or debugger if it is opened in a new browser tab.
Issue #4104 - Ensure that record should be add/edited for root partition table with primary keys.
Issue #4121 - Fixed alignment issue of columns in definition section of Index node.
Issue #4134 - Fixed ‘Location cannot be empty’ error when open Tablespace properties.
Issue #4138 - Fix an issue where the dropdown becomes misaligned/displaced.
Issue #4154 - Ensure the treeview shows all sequences except those used to implement IDENTITY columns (which can be edited as part of the column). Show all if Show System Objects is enabled.
Issue #4160 - Fixed ‘Increment value cannot be empty’ error for existing tables.
Issue #4161 - Ensure that parameters of procedures for EPAS server 10 and below should be set/reset properly.
Issue #4163 - Prevent duplicate columns being included in reverse engineered SQL for tables.
Issue #4182 - Ensure sanity of the permissions on the storage and session directories and the config database.