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Version 3.4

Release date: 2018-10-04

This release contains a number of features and fixes reported since the release of pgAdmin4 3.3


Issue #2927 - Move all CSS into SCSS files for consistency and ease of colour maintenance etc.
Issue #3514 - Add optional data point markers and mouse-over tooltips to display values on graphs.
Issue #3564 - Add shortcuts for View Data and the Query tool to the Browser header bar.

Bug fixes

Issue #3464 - Ensure the runtime can startup properly if there are wide characters in the logfile path on Windows.
Issue #3551 - Fix handling of backslashes in the edit grid.
Issue #3576 - Ensure queries are no longer executed when dashboards are closed.
Issue #3596 - Fix support for the CLOB datatype in EPAS.
Issue #3607 - Fix logic around validation and highlighting of Sort/Filter in the Query Tool.
Issue #3630 - Ensure auto-complete works for objects in schemas other than public and pg_catalog.
Issue #3657 - Ensure changes to Query Tool settings from the Preferences dialogue are applied before executing queries.
Issue #3658 - Swap the Schema and Schemas icons and Catalog and Catalogs icons that had been used the wrong way around.