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The PSQL tool allows users to connect to PostgreSQL or EDB Advanced server using the psql command line interface through their browser.

  • Open the PSQL tool from the Tools or object explorer context menu, or use PSQL tool button at the top of the object explorer.

  • PSQL will connect to the current connected database from the object explorer.

PSQL tool window

You can open multiple instances of the PSQL tool in individual tabs simultaneously. To close the PSQL tool, click the X in the upper-right hand corner of the tab bar.

Note: On the Windows platform, this feature is available on Windows 10 (1809 version), and Windows Server 2019 and onwards.

Note: The PSQL tool is always available when pgAdmin is running in Desktop mode, but is disabled by default in Server mode. This is because users can run arbitrary shell commands through psql which may be considered a security risk in some deployments. System Administrators can enable the use of the PSQL tool in the pgAdmin configuration by setting the ENABLE_PSQL option to True; see The File for more information.