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Version 6.8

Release date: 2022-04-07

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 6.7.

New features

Issue #7215 - Added transaction start time to Server activity sessions view.
Issue #7249 - Added support for unique keys in ERD.
Issue #7257 - Support running the container under OpenShift with alternate UIDs.


Issue #7132 - Port Properties panel for collection node, Dashboard, and SQL panel in React.
Issue #7149 - Port preferences dialog to React.

Bug fixes

Issue #4256 - Fixed an issue where SQL for revoke statements are not shown for databases.
Issue #5836 - Adds a new LDAP authentication configuration parameter that indicates the case sensitivity of the LDAP schema/server.
Issue #6960 - Ensure that the master password dialog is popped up if the crypt key is missing.
Issue #7059 - Fixed an issue where the error is shown on logout when the authentication source is oauth2.
Issue #7176 - Fixed an issue where the browser tree state was not preserved correctly.
Issue #7197 - Fixed an issue where foreign key relationships do not update when the primary key is modified.
Issue #7216 - Ensure that the values of certain fields are prettified in the statistics tab for collection nodes.
Issue #7221 - Ensure objects depending on extensions are not displayed in Schema Diff.
Issue #7238 - Fixed an issue where foreign key is not removed even if the referred table is removed in ERD.
Issue #7239 - Fixed an issue where the newly added table is not visible under the Tables node on refresh.
Issue #7261 - Correct typo in the documentation.
Issue #7263 - Fixed schema diff issue where function’s difference DDL was showing incorrectly when arguments had default values with commas.
Issue #7264 - Ensure that the correct user should be selected in the new connection dialog.
Issue #7265 - Fixed schema diff issue in which the option ‘null’ doesn’t appear in the DDL statement for the foreign table.
Issue #7267 - Fixed an issue where unexpected error messages are displayed when users change the language via preferences.
Issue #7269 - Ensure that pgAdmin4 should work with latest jinja2 version.
Issue #7275 - Fixed ‘Cannot read properties of undefined’ error while creating the table via the ERD tool.