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Version 6.4

Release date: 2022-01-13

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 6.3.

New features

Issue #4803 - Added support to import/export server groups and servers from GUI.


Issue #7018 - Port Restore dialog to React.
Issue #7019 - Port Maintenance dialog to React.

Bug fixes

Issue #6745 - Fixed an issue where Tablespace is created though an error is shown on the dialog.
Issue #7003 - Fixed an issue where Explain Analyze shows negative exclusive time.
Issue #7034 - Fixed an issue where Columns with default value not showing when adding a new row.
Issue #7075 - Ensure that help should be visible properly for Procedures.
Issue #7077 - Fixed an issue where the Owner is not displayed in the reverse engineering SQL for Procedures.
Issue #7078 - Fixed an issue where an operation error message pop up showing the database object’s name incorrectly.
Issue #7081 - Fixed an issue in SQL generation for PostgreSQL-14 functions.
Issue #7093 - Fixed an issue where SubPlans may overlap other nodes & make them inaccessible in Graphical EXPLAIN View.
Issue #7096 - Ensure that Truncate and Reset statistics should work.
Issue #7102 - Fixed a schema diff issue where generated script adds unwanted line endings for Functions/Procedures/Trigger Functions.