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Version 6.3

Release date: 2021-12-16

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 6.2.

New features

Issue #6543 - Added support for Two-factor authentication for improving security.
Issue #6872 - Include GSSAPI support in the PostgreSQL libraries and utilities on macOS.
Issue #7039 - Added support to disable the auto-discovery of the database servers.


Issue #6088 - Replace Flask-BabelEx with Flask-Babel.
Issue #6984 - Port Backup Global, Backup Server, and Backup object dialog in React.
Issue #7004 - Replaced alertifyjs notifiers with React-based notistack.
Issue #7010 - Upgrade Flask to version 2.
Issue #7053 - Replace Alertify alert and confirm with React-based model dialog.

Bug fixes

Issue #6840 - Fixed an issue where tooltip data are not displaying on downloaded graphical explain plan.
Issue #6877 - Fixed schema diff owner related issue.
Issue #6906 - Fixed an issue where referenced table drop-down should be disabled in foreign key -> columns after one row is added.
Issue #6955 - Ensure that sort order should be maintained when renaming a server group.
Issue #6957 - Fixed schema diff related some issues.
Issue #6963 - Ensure that the user should be allowed to set the schema of an extension while creating it.
Issue #6978 - Increase the width of the scrollbars.
Issue #6986 - Fixed an issue where the user can’t debug function with timestamp parameter.
Issue #6989 - Fixed an issue where the Change Password menu option is missing for internal authentication source when more than one authentication source is defined.
Issue #7005 - Fixed an issue where On-demand rows throw an error when any row cell is edited and saved it then scroll to get more rows.
Issue #7006 - Ensure that Python 3.10 and the latest eventlet dependency should not break the application.
Issue #7013 - Fix an RPM build issue that could lead to a conflict with python3 at installation.
Issue #7015 - Fixed an issue where the error is thrown while creating a new server using Add New Server from the dashboard while tree item is not selected.
Issue #7020 - Ensure that statue message should not hide the last line of messages when running a long query.
Issue #7024 - Fixed an issue where reverse engineering SQL is wrong for Aggregate.
Issue #7029 - Correct the SQL definition for function/procedure with the Atomic keyword in PG14.
Issue #7031 - Fixed an issue where SQLite database definition is wrong because the USER_ID FK references the table user_old which is not available.
Issue #7040 - Add “section” to the Debian package control files.
Issue #7044 - Update the dropzone version to 5.9.3 and Flask-SQLAlchemy to 2.5.*.
Issue #7046 - Fixed some accessibility issues.
Issue #7048 - Fixed unhashable type issue while opening the about dialog.
Issue #7064 - Ensure that the Owner should not be disabled while creating the procedure.
Issue #7071 - Fixed an issue where confirmation pop-up is hidden behind Reassign/Drop Owned Dialog.