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Version 6.12

Release date: 2022-07-28

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin 4 v6.11.

New features

Issue #4488 - Added option to trigger autocomplete on key press in the query tool.
Issue #4607 - Allow users to delete files/folders from the storage manager.
Issue #7389 - Allow users to search within the file/storage manager.
Issue #7486 - Added support for visualizing the graphs using Stacked Line, Bar, and Stacked Bar charts in the query tool.
Issue #7487 - Added support for visualise the graph using a Pie chart in the query tool.


Issue #7313 - Port the file/storage manager to React.
Issue #7341 - Port change password dialog to React.
Issue #7342 - Port Master Password dialog to React.
Issue #7492 - Removing dynamic module loading and replacing it with static loading.
Issue #7546 - Port named restore point dialog to React.

Bug fixes

Issue #7428 - Preserve the settings set by the user in the import/export data dialog.
Issue #7471 - Ensure that the splash screen can be moved.
Issue #7508 - Fixed an issue where comments on indexes are not displayed.
Issue #7512 - Ensure that notices should not disappear from the messages tab.
Issue #7517 - Enable the start debugging button once execution is completed.
Issue #7518 - Ensure that dashboard graph API is not called after the panel has been closed.
Issue #7519 - Ensure that geometry should be shown for all the selected cells.
Issue #7520 - Fixed the JSON editor issue of hiding the first record.
Issue #7522 - Added support for Azure PostgreSQL deployment in server mode.
Issue #7523 - Fixed typo error for Statistics on the table header.
Issue #7524 - Fixed an issue where new folders cannot be created in the save dialog.