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Version 6.10

Release date: 2022-06-02

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin 4 v6.9.

New features

Issue #7364 - Added the ability to resize columns on dashboard tables.


Issue #7283 - PG 15 compatibility issues fixed.
Issue #7337 - Port connect server password dialog to React.

Bug fixes

Issue #6962 - Fixed the browser tree overlapping nodes and expansion issue.
Issue #7002 - Added the ability to detect and warn users about bidirectional Unicode characters.
Issue #7347 - Ensure that when Authentication buttons are disabled their text is visible in the Dark and High contrast theme.
Issue #7368 - Ensure that unwanted APIs should not be getting called for BigAnimal.
Issue #7372 - Tell Docker to always pull the latest base images when building containers.
Issue #7373 - Fixed an issue with geometry window zoom mouse scroll not working.
Issue #7374 - Fixed an issue when switching between connections in the Query Tool dropdown, the background and foreground colors should be changed.
Issue #7376 - Fixed an issue where a popup for unsaved changes appears when clicking on the open file button for a blank query editor.
Issue #7380 - Added support for multi-cell selection in the query tool grid.
Issue #7383 - Fixed an issue where Preferences are not saved when the dialog is maximized.
Issue #7388 - Fixed an issue where an error message fills the entire window if the query is long.
Issue #7393 - Ensure that the editor position should not get changed once it is opened.
Issue #7394 - Fixed an issue where geometry is not visible when a single cell is selected.
Issue #7399 - Added missing toggle case keyboard shortcuts to the query tool.
Issue #7402 - Ensure that Dashboard graphs should be refreshed on changing the node from the browser tree.
Issue #7403 - Fixed an issue where comments on domain constraints were not visible when selecting a domain node.
Issue #7405 - Ensure that null values are accepted for the numeric columns in react-data-grid.
Issue #7408 - Fixed an issue when a table has a column with an array type with length or precision, the column type is not selected while editing the table.