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Version 5.6

Release date: 2021-08-12

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 5.5.

New features

Issue #4904 - Added support to copy SQL from main window to query tool.
Issue #5198 - Added support for formatted JSON viewer/editor when interacting with data in a JSON column.


Issue #6622 - Rename the “Resize by data?” to “Columns sized by” and disabled the ‘Maximum column width’ button if ‘Columns sized by’ is set to ‘Column data’.

Bug fixes

Issue #6337 - Ensure that the login account should be locked after N number of attempts. N is configurable using the ‘MAX_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS’ parameter.
Issue #6369 - Fixed CSRF errors for stale sessions by increasing the session expiration time for desktop mode.
Issue #6448 - Fixed an issue in the search object when searching in ‘all types’ or ‘subscription’ if the user doesn’t have access to the subscription.
Issue #6574 - Fixed an issue where paste is not working through Right-Click option on PSQL.
Issue #6580 - Fixed TypeError ‘NoneType’ object is not sub scriptable.
Issue #6586 - Fixed incorrect tablespace options in the drop-down for move objects dialog.
Issue #6618 - Fixed an issue where the titles in query tabs are different.
Issue #6619 - Fixed incorrect binary path issue when the user deletes the binary path from the preferences.
Issue #6643 - Ensure that all the required options should be loaded when the Range data type is selected while creating a custom data type.
Issue #6650 - Fixed dashboard server activity issue when active_since parameter is None.
Issue #6664 - Fixed an issue where even if the user is locked, he can reset the password and can login into pgAdmin.