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Version 5.2

Release date: 2021-04-22

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 5.1.

New features


Issue #5319 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Server module.

Bug fixes

Issue #4001 - Updated docs and screenshots to cover the Notifications tab on the Query Tool.
Issue #5519 - Ensure that the query tool tab should be closed after server disconnection when auto-commit/auto-rollback is set to false.
Issue #5908 - Fixed an issue where shortcut keys are not working with manage macro.
Issue #6076 - Fixed an issue where correct error not thrown while importing servers and JSON file has incorrect/insufficient keys.
Issue #6082 - Ensure that the user should not be to change the connection when a long query is running.
Issue #6107 - Fixed flickering issue of the input box on check constraints.
Issue #6161 - Fixed an issue where the cursor shifts its focus to the wrong window for all the query tool related model dialogs.
Issue #6220 - Corrected the syntax for ‘CREATE TRIGGER’, use ‘EXECUTE FUNCTION’ instead of ‘EXECUTE PROCEDURE’ from v11 onwards.
Issue #6274 - Ensure that the strings in the LDAP auth module are translatable.
Issue #6293 - Fixed an issue where the procedure creation is failed when providing the Volatility option.
Issue #6306 - Fixed an issue while selecting the row which was deleted just before the selection operation.
Issue #6325 - Ensure that the file format for the storage manager should be ‘All files’ and for other dialogs, it should remember the last selected format.
Issue #6327 - Ensure that while comparing domains check function dependencies should be considered in schema diff.
Issue #6333 - Fixed sizing issue of help dialog for Query Tool and ERD Tool when open in the new browser tab.
Issue #6334 - Fixed SQL panel black screen issue when detaching it in runtime.
Issue #6338 - Added missing dependency ‘xdg-utils’ for the desktop packages in RPM and Debian.
Issue #6344 - Fixed cannot unpack non-iterable response object error when selecting any partition.
Issue #6356 - Mark the Apache HTTPD config file as such in the web DEB and RPM packages.
Issue #6367 - Fixed an issue where the Save button is enabled by default when open the table’s properties dialog on PG 9.5.
Issue #6375 - Fixed an issue where users are unable to see data of the partitions using the View/Edit data option.
Issue #6376 - Fixed an issue where a connection warning should be displayed on the user clicks on explain or explain analyze and the database server is disconnected from the browser tree.
Issue #6379 - Fixed an issue where foreign data wrapper properties are not visible if the host option contains two host addresses.