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Version 5.0

Release date: 2021-02-25

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 4.30.

New features

Issue #5091 - Make Statistics, Dependencies, Dependants tabs closable and the user can add them back using the ‘Add panel’ option.
Issue #5912 - Added support for Logical Replication.
Issue #5967 - Implemented runtime using NWjs to open pgAdmin4 in a standalone window instead of the system tray and web browser.
Issue #6148 - Added Quick Search functionality for menu items and help articles.
Issue #6153 - Added publication and subscription support in Schema Diff.
Issue #6170 - Ensure logs are not stored in the container, and only sent to the console.


Issue #5017 - Use cheroot as the default production server for pgAdmin4.
Issue #6145 - Documentation of Logical Replication.
Issue #6195 - Documentation of runtime with NWjs.
Issue #6196 - Documentation of Quick Search support.
Issue #6207 - Updated the JS dependencies to the latest.

Bug fixes

Issue #5809 - Fixed an issue where the focus is not properly set on the filter text editor after closing the error dialog.
Issue #5871 - Ensure that username should be visible in the ‘Connect to Server’ popup when service and user name both specified.
Issue #6045 - Fixed autocomplete issue where it is not showing any suggestions if the schema name contains escape characters.
Issue #6087 - Fixed an issue where the dependencies tab showing multiple owners for the objects having shared dependencies.
Issue #6117 - Fixed an issue where the user is unable to update column-level privileges from the security tab.
Issue #6143 - Fixed an issue where shared server entries not getting deleted from SQLite database if the user gets deleted.
Issue #6157 - Fixed an issue where strike-through is not visible for rows selected for deletion after scrolling.
Issue #6163 - Fixed an issue where Zoom to fit button only works if the diagram is larger than the canvas.
Issue #6164 - Ensure that the diagram should not vanish entirely if zooming out too far in ERD.
Issue #6177 - Fixed an issue while downloading ERD images in Safari and Firefox.
Issue #6178 - Fixed an issue where the user unable to change the background color for a server.
Issue #6179 - Fixed an issue where Generate SQL displayed twice in the ERD tool.
Issue #6180 - Updated missing documentation for the ‘Download Image’ option in ERD.
Issue #6187 - Limit the upgrade check to run once per day.
Issue #6193 - Ensure that ERD throws a warning before closing unsaved changes if open in a new tab.
Issue #6197 - Fixed an issue where the ERD image is not properly downloaded.
Issue #6201 - Added SSL support for creating a subscription.
Issue #6208 - Fixed an issue where utility(Backup, Maintenance, …) jobs are failing when the log level is set to DEBUG.
Issue #6230 - Fixed an issue where the user is not able to create the subscription.
Issue #6250 - Ensure DEB/RPM packages depend on the same version of each other.