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Version 4.7

Release date: 2019-05-30

This release contains a number of bug fixes since the release of pgAdmin4 4.6.

Bug fixes

Issue #3377 - In server mode, update all the saved server credentials when user password is changed.
Issue #3885 - Fix the responsive layout of the main menu bar.
Issue #4162 - Fix syntax error when adding more than one column to the existing table.
Issue #4164 - Fix file browser path issue which occurs when client is on Windows and server is on Mac/Linux.
Issue #4184 - Added Master Password to increase the security of saved passwords.
Issue #4194 - Fix accessibility issue for menu navigation.
Issue #4208 - Update the UI logo.
Issue #4217 - Fixed CSRF security vulnerability issue, per Alvin Lindstam
Issue #4218 - Properly assign dropdownParent in Select2 controls.
Issue #4219 - Ensure popper.js is installed when needed.
Issue #4227 - Fixed Tab key navigation for Maintenance dialog.
Issue #4244 - Fix Tab key issue for Toggle switch controls and button on the dialog footer in Safari browser.
Issue #4245 - Ensure that element should get highlighted when they get focus on using Tab key.
Issue #4246 - Fixed console error when subnode control is used in panels.
Issue #4261 - Stop using application/x-javascript as a mime type and use the RFC-compliant application/javascript instead.
Issue #4262 - Fixed error on displaying table properties of a table partitioned by list having a default partition.
Issue #4263 - Fix handling of JSON in the Query Tool with NULL elements.
Issue #4269 - Fix navigation of switch cells in grids.
Issue #4275 - Clarify wording for the NO INHERIT option on constraints, per Michel Feinstein.
Issue #4276 - Relax the permission check on the directory containing the config database, as it may fail in some environments such as OpenShift.
Issue #4278 - Prevent Backgrid Password cells from losing focus if the browser opens an autocomplete list.
Issue #4284 - Fix syntax error when creating a table with a serial column.