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Version 4.4

Release date: 2019-04-04

This release contains a number of new features and fixes reported since the release of pgAdmin4 4.3.


This release includes a bug fix (Issue #3887) which will rename the per-user storage directories for existing users when running in server mode. Previously, saved SQL queries were stored under the STORAGE_DIR in a sub-directory named after the username part of the user’s email address. From this version onwards, the full email address is used, with the @ replaced with an underscore. For example, in v.4.3 with STORAGE_DIR set to /var/lib/pgadmin4 user files may be stored in:


With the fix, that directory will be renamed (or created for new users) as:



Issue #2001 - Add support for reverse proxied setups with Gunicorn, and document Gunicorn, uWSGI & NGINX configurations.
Issue #4017 - Make the Query Tool history persistent across sessions.
Issue #4018 - Remove the large and unnecessary dependency on React and 87 other related libraries.
Issue #4030 - Add support for IDENTITY columns.
Issue #4075 - Add an ePub doc build target.

Bug fixes

Issue #1269 - Fix naming inconsistency for the column and FTS parser modules.
Issue #2627 - Include inherited column comments and defaults in reverse engineered table SQL.
Issue #3104 - Improve a couple of German translations.
Issue #3887 - Use the user’s full email address (not just the username part) as the basis for the storage directory name.
Issue #3968 - Update wcDocker to fix the issue where the Scratch Pad grows in size if the results panel is resized.
Issue #3995 - Avoid ‘bogus varno’ message from Postgres when viewing the SQL for a table with triggers.
Issue #4019 - Update all Python and JavaScript dependencies.
Issue #4037 - Include comment SQL for inherited columns in reverse engineered table SQL.
Issue #4050 - Make the WHEN field a CodeMirror control on the Event Trigger dialogue.
Issue #4052 - Fix the online help button on the resource group dialogue.
Issue #4053 - Enable the online help button on the index dialogue.
Issue #4054 - Handle resultsets with zero columns correctly in the Query Tool.
Issue #4058 - Include inherited columns in SELECT scripts.
Issue #4060 - Fix the latexpdf doc build.
Issue #4062 - Fix handling of numeric arrays in View/Edit Data.
Issue #4063 - Enlarge the grab handles for resizing dialogs etc.
Issue #4069 - Append the file suffix to filenames when needed in the File Create dialogue.
Issue #4071 - Ensure that Firefox prompts for a filename/location when downloading query results as a CSV file.
Issue #4073 - Change the CodeMirror active line background colour to $color-danger-lighter so it doesn’t conflict with the selection colour.
Issue #4081 - Fix the RE-SQL syntax for roles with a VALID UNTIL clause.
Issue #4082 - Prevent an empty error message being shown when “downloading” a CREATE script using the CSV download.
Issue #4084 - Overhaul the layout saving code so it includes the Query Tool and Debugger, and stores the layout when change events are detected rather than (unreliably) on exit.
Issue #4085 - Display errors during CSV download from the Query Tool in the UI rather than putting them in the CSV file.
Issue #4090 - Improve the German translation for Backup Server.
Issue #4096 - Ensure the toolbar buttons are properly reset following a CSV download in the Query Tool.
Issue #4099 - Fix SQL help for EPAS 10+, and refactor the URL generation code into a testable function.
Issue #4100 - Ensure sequences can be created with increment, start, minimum and maximum options set.
Issue #4105 - Fix an issue where JSON data would not be rendered in the Query Tool.
Issue #4109 - Ensure View/Materialized View node should be visible after updating any property.
Issue #4110 - Fix custom autovacuum configuration for Materialized Views.