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Version 4.28

Release date: 2020-11-12

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 4.27.

New features

Issue #3318 - Added support to download utility files at the client-side.
Issue #4230 - Added support to rename query tool and debugger tabs title.
Issue #4231 - Added support for dynamic tab size.
Issue #4232 - Added tab title placeholder for Query Tool, View/Edit Data, and Debugger.
Issue #5891 - Added support to compare schemas and databases in schema diff.


Issue #5938 - Documentation of Storage Manager.

Bug fixes

Issue #4639 - Ensure that some fields should be disabled for the trigger in edit mode.
Issue #5736 - Fixed an issue where the validation error message is shown twice.
Issue #5760 - Ensure that non-superuser should be able to debug the function.
Issue #5842 - Ensure that query history should be listed by date/time in descending order.
Issue #5858 - Ensure that search object functionality works with case insensitive string.
Issue #5895 - Fixed an issue where the suffix for Toast table size is not visible in the Statistics tab.
Issue #5911 - Ensure that macros should be run on the older version of Safari and Chrome.
Issue #5914 - Fixed an issue where a mismatch in the value of ‘Estimated row’ for functions.
Issue #5919 - Added security related enhancements.
Issue #5923 - Fixed an issue where non-closeable tabs are getting closed.
Issue #5950 - Fixed an issue where a long file name is not visible on the process watcher dialog.
Issue #5953 - Fixed an issue where connection to the server is on wait state if a different user is provided.
Issue #5959 - Ensure that Grant Wizard should include foreign tables.