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Version 4.27

Release date: 2020-10-15

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 4.26.

New features

Issue #1402 - Added Macro support.
Issue #2519 - Added support to view trigger function under the respective trigger node.
Issue #3794 - Allow user to change the database connection from an open query tool tab.
Issue #5200 - Added support to ignore the owner while comparing objects in the Schema Diff tool.
Issue #5857 - Added documentation for Macro support.


Issue #5330 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Functions.
Issue #5395 - Added RESQL/MSQL test cases for Functions.
Issue #5497 - Merged the latest code of ‘pgcli’ used for the autocomplete feature.

Bug fixes

Issue #4806 - Added useful message when the explain plan is not used and empty.
Issue #4855 - Fixed an issue where file extension is stripped on renaming a file.
Issue #5131 - Ensure that ‘ctrl + a’ shortcut does not move the cursor in SQL editor.
Issue #5417 - Fixed and improve API test cases for the schema diff tool.
Issue #5739 - Ensure that the import/export feature should work with SSH Tunnel.
Issue #5802 - Remove maximum length on the password field in the server dialog.
Issue #5807 - Fixed an issue where a column is renamed and then removed, then the drop SQL query takes the wrong column name.
Issue #5826 - Fixed an issue where schema diff is showing identical table as different due to default vacuum settings.
Issue #5830 - Fixed reverse engineering SQL where parenthesis is not properly arranged for View/MView definition.
Issue #5835 - Fixed ‘can’t execute an empty query’ message if the user change the option of Auto FK Index.
Issue #5839 - Ensure that multiple extensions can be dropped from the properties tab.
Issue #5841 - Fixed an issue where the server is not able to connect using the service.
Issue #5843 - Fixed an issue where the ‘PARALLEL UNSAFE’ option is missing from reverse engineering SQL of function/procedure.
Issue #5845 - Fixed an issue where the query tool is not fetching more than 1000 rows for the table does not have any primary key.
Issue #5853 - Fixed an issue where ‘Rows X’ column values were not visible properly for Explain Analyze in Dark theme.
Issue #5855 - Ensure that the user should be able to change the start value of the existing sequence.
Issue #5861 - Ensure that the ‘Remove Server’ option should be visible in the context menu.
Issue #5867 - Fixed an issue where some properties are not being updated correctly for the shared server.
Issue #5882 - Fixed invalid literal issue when fetching dependencies for Materialized View.
Issue #5885 - Fixed an issue where the user is unable to change the macro name.