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Version 4.24

Release date: 2020-07-23

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 4.23.

New features

Issue #5235 - Support configuration files that are external to the application installation.
Issue #5484 - Added support for LDAP authentication with different DN by setting the dedicated user for the LDAP connection.
Issue #5583 - Added support for schema level restriction.
Issue #5601 - Added RLS Policy support in Schema Diff.
Issue #5622 - Added support for permissive/restricted policy type while creating RLS Policy.
Issue #5650 - Added support for LDAP anonymous binding.
Issue #5653 - Added High Contrast theme support.


Issue #5323 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Foreign Data Wrapper.
Issue #5326 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Domain and Domain Constraints.
Issue #5329 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for FTS Configuration, FTS Parser, FTS Dictionaries, and FTS Template.

Bug fixes

Issue #3814 - Fixed issue of error message not getting displayed when filename is empty for backup, restore, and import/export.
Issue #3851 - Add proper indentation to the code while generating functions, procedures, and trigger functions.
Issue #4235 - Fixed tab indent issue on a selection of lines is deleting the content when ‘use spaces == true’ in the preferences.
Issue #5137 - Fixed save button enable issue when focusing in and out of numeric input field.
Issue #5287 - Fixed dark theme-related CSS and modify the color codes.
Issue #5414 - Use QStandardPaths::AppLocalDataLocation in the runtime to determine where to store runtime logs.
Issue #5463 - Fixed an issue where CSV download quotes numeric columns.
Issue #5470 - Fixed backgrid row hover issue where on hover background color is set for edit and delete cell only.
Issue #5530 - Ensure that the referenced table should be displayed on foreign key constraints.
Issue #5554 - Replace the runtime themes with ones that don’t have sizing issues.
Issue #5569 - Fixed reverse engineered SQL for partitions when storage parameters are specified.
Issue #5577 - Include LICENSE and DEPENDENCIES [inventory] files in official packages.
Issue #5621 - Remove extra brackets from reverse engineering SQL of RLS Policy.
Issue #5629 - Fixed an issue where the user is able to edit properties when some of the collection nodes are selected.
Issue #5630 - Fixed an issue where installation of pgadmin4 not working on 32-bit Windows.
Issue #5631 - Fixed ‘cant execute empty query’ issue when remove the value of ‘USING’ or ‘WITH CHECK’ option of RLS Policy.
Issue #5633 - Ensure that create RLS Policy menu should not be visible for catalog objects.
Issue #5647 - Fixed an issue where difference DDL is showing the wrong SQL when changing the policy owner.
Issue #5662 - Fixed accessibility issue where few dialogs are not rendering properly when we zoomed in browser window 200% and screen resolution is low.
Issue #5666 - Added missing dependencies/dependent and corrected some wrongly identified.
Issue #5673 - Fixed an issue where fetching the schema throws an error if the database is not connected in Schema Diff.
Issue #5675 - Fixed CSRF errors when pgAdmin opened in an iframe on safari browser.
Issue #5677 - Fixed text color issue in explain analyze for the Dark theme.
Issue #5686 - Fixed issue where the user was not able to update policy if the policy is created with space.