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Version 4.23

Release date: 2020-06-25

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 4.22.

New features

Issue #5468 - Added option to ignore the whitespaces while comparing objects in schema diff.
Issue #5500 - Added server group name while selecting servers in schema diff.
Issue #5516 - Added support of Row Security Policies.
Issue #5576 - Improve error messaging if the storage and log directories cannot be created.


Issue #5325 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Collations.
Issue #5574 - Cleanup Windows build scripts and ensure Windows x64 builds will work.
Issue #5581 - Documentation of Row Level Security Policies.

Bug fixes

Issue #3591 - Ensure that the query tool should display the proper error message while terminating the active session.
Issue #3669 - Ensure that proper error should be displayed for the deleted node.
Issue #3787 - Disabled the Stop process button after clicking it and added a message ‘Terminating the process…’ to notify the user.
Issue #4226 - Fixed an issue where select all checkbox only selects the first 50 tables.
Issue #5416 - Ensure that the query tool panel gets closed when clicking on the ‘Don’t Save’ button.
Issue #5465 - Fixed an issue where the Edge browser version is showing wrong and warning message gets displayed.
Issue #5492 - Fixed an issue where the search object is unable to locate inherited tables and constraint filters are not working.
Issue #5507 - Fixed connection and version number detection issue when the database server is upgraded.
Issue #5521 - Fixed an issue when dumping servers from a desktop pgAdmin app by providing an option ‘–sqlite-path’.
Issue #5539 - Fixed typo in exception keyword.
Issue #5584 - Fixed an issue where two identical tables showing different by schema diff tool.
Issue #5592 - Ensure that pgadmin should be able to connect to the server which has password more than 1000 characters.