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Version 4.20

Release date: 2020-04-02

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 4.19.

New features

Issue #5261 - Added support of Collation, FTS Configuration, FTS Dictionary, FTS Parser and FTS Template to the Schema Diff.
Issue #5262 - Added support of Domain, Domain Constraints and Types to the Schema Diff.


Issue #5271 - Enhance the color of switch control for both light and dark theme.
Issue #5284 - Added and fixed gettext usage for better translation coverage.

Bug fixes

Issue #4237 - Fix an issue where the user can not change the value of DateTime picker control using keyboard.
Issue #4608 - Fixed some accessibility issues in the dialogs.
Issue #4942 - Fixed chrome driver download utility issue for Ubuntu.
Issue #5128 - Change some colors and opacity to comply with WCAG color contrast standards.
Issue #5143 - Fix an accessibility issue to maximize the panel for all alertify dialog.
Issue #5221 - Improve logic to get the DDL statements as a part of the comparison.
Issue #5241 - Fixed tab key navigation issue for Grant Wizard.
Issue #5279 - Fixed Unicode character issue causing error on Python2 environment.
Issue #5292 - Fixed focus color issue for Alertify dialog buttons.