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Version 4.16

Release date: 2019-12-12

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 4.15.


Warning: This release includes a change to the container distribution to run pgAdmin as a non-root user. Those users of the container who are running with mapped storage directories may need to change the ownership on the host machine, for example:

sudo chown -R 5050:5050 <host_directory>

New features

Issue #4396 - Warn the user on changing the definition of Materialized View about the loss of data and its dependent objects.
Issue #4435 - Allow drag and drop functionality for all the nodes under the database node, excluding collection nodes.
Issue #4711 - Use a ‘play’ icon for the Execute Query button in the Query Tool for greater consistency with other applications.
Issue #4772 - Added aria-label to provide an invisible label where a visible label cannot be used.
Issue #4773 - Added role=”status” attribute to all the status messages for accessibility.
Issue #4939 - Run pgAdmin in the container as a non-root user (pgadmin, UID: 5050)
Issue #4944 - Allow Gunicorn logs in the container to be directed to a file specified through GUNICORN_ACCESS_LOGFILE.
Issue #4990 - Changed the open query tool and data filter icons.


Issue #4696 - Add Reverse Engineered and Modified SQL tests for Materialized Views.
Issue #4807 - Refactored code of table and it’s child nodes.
Issue #4938 - Refactored code of columns node.

Bug fixes

Issue #3538 - Fix issue where the Reset button does not get enabled till all the mandatory fields are provided in the dialog.
Issue #4220 - Fix scrolling issue in ‘Users’ dialog.
Issue #4516 - Remove the sorting of table headers with no labels.
Issue #4659 - Updated documentation for default privileges to clarify more on the grantor.
Issue #4674 - Fix query tool launch error if user name contains HTML characters. It’s a regression.
Issue #4724 - Fix network disconnect issue while establishing the connection via SSH Tunnel and it impossible to expand the Servers node.
Issue #4761 - Fix an issue where the wrong type is displayed when changing the datatype from timestamp with time zone to timestamp without time zone.
Issue #4792 - Ensure that the superuser should be able to create database, as the superuser overrides all the access restrictions.
Issue #4818 - Fix server connection drops out issue in query tool.
Issue #4836 - Updated the json file name from ‘servers.json’ to ‘pgadmin4/servers.json’ in the container deployment section of the documentation.
Issue #4878 - Ensure that the superuser should be able to create role, as the superuser overrides all the access restrictions.
Issue #4893 - Fix reverse engineering SQL issue for partitions when specifying digits as comments.
Issue #4923 - Enhance the logic to change the label from ‘Delete/Drop’ to ‘Remove’ for the server and server group node.
Issue #4925 - Shown some text on process watcher till the initial logs are loaded.
Issue #4926 - Fix VPN network disconnect issue where pgAdmin4 hangs on expanding the Servers node.
Issue #4930 - Fix main window tab navigation accessibility issue.
Issue #4933 - Ensure that the Servers collection node should expand independently of server connections.
Issue #4934 - Fix the help button link on the User Management dialog.
Issue #4935 - Fix accessibility issues.
Issue #4947 - Fix XSS issue in explain and explain analyze for table and type which contain HTML.
Issue #4952 - Fix an issue of retrieving properties for Compound Triggers. It’s a regression of #4006.
Issue #4953 - Fix an issue where pgAdmin4 unable to retrieve table node if the trigger is already disabled and the user clicks on Enable All.
Issue #4958 - Fix reverse engineering SQL issue for triggers when passed a single argument to trigger function.
Issue #4964 - Fix an issue where length and precision are not removed from table/column dialog.
Issue #4965 - Fix an issue where the Interval data type is not displayed in the properties dialog of table/column.
Issue #4966 - Fix ‘Could not find the object on the server.’ error while refreshing the check constraint.
Issue #4975 - Fix issue where the user can not switch the UI language. It’s a regression of #4348.
Issue #4976 - Fix reverse engineering SQL issue where when clause is not visible for PG/EPAS 12.
Issue #4978 - Fix pgAdmin4 failed to start issue after upgrading to version 4.15.
Issue #4982 - Added statistics and storage information in reverse engineering SQL of table/column.
Issue #4985 - Fix an issue where the inherited table name with quotes did not escape correctly.
Issue #4991 - Fix an issue where context menu is open along with submenu and the focus is not on context menu or submenu.