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Version 4.15

Release date: 2019-11-14

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 4.14.

New features

Issue #1974 - Added encrypted password in reverse engineered SQL for roles.
Issue #3741 - Added Dark(Beta) UI Theme option.
Issue #4006 - Support Enable Always and Enable Replica on triggers.
Issue #4351 - Add an option to request confirmation before cancelling/resetting changes on a Properties dialog.
Issue #4348 - Added support for custom theme creation and selection.


Bug fixes

Issue #3130 - Ensure create new object dialog should be opened when alt+shift+n key is pressed on the collection node.
Issue #3279 - Fixed issue where Drop and Disconnect connection menu points are too close to each other.
Issue #3789 - Ensure context menus never get hidden below the menu bar.
Issue #3859 - Rename the context menu from ‘Drop Server’ to ‘Remove Server’.
Issue #3913 - Ensure the correct “running at” agent is shown when a pgAgent job is executing.
Issue #3915 - Fix an issue in the Query Tool where shortcut keys could be ignored following a query error.
Issue #3999 - Fix the toggle case shortcut key combination.
Issue #4173 - Fix an issue where a black arrow-kind image is displaying at the background of browser tree images.
Issue #4191 - Ensure comments are shown in reverse engineered SQL for table partitions.
Issue #4242 - Handle NULL values appropriately when sorting backgrid tables.
Issue #4341 - Give appropriate error messages when the user tries to use an blank master password.
Issue #4451 - Remove arbitrary (and incorrect) requirement that composite types must have at least two members.
Issue #4459 - Don’t quote bigints when copying them from the Query Tool results grid.
Issue #4482 - Ensure compression level is passed to pg_dump when backing up in directory format.
Issue #4483 - Ensure the number of jobs can be specified when backing up in directory format.
Issue #4564 - Ensure Javascript errors during Query Tool execution are reported as such and not as Ajax errors.
Issue #4610 - Suppress Enter key presses in Alertify dialogues when the come from Select2 controls to allow item selection with Enter.
Issue #4647 - Ensure that units are respected when sorting by file size in the File dialog.
Issue #4730 - Ensure all messages are retained in the Query Tool from long running queries.
Issue #4734 - Updated documentation for the delete row button that only strikeout the row instead of deleting it.
Issue #4779 - Updated documentation for the query tool toolbar buttons.
Issue #4835 - Fixed an issue where psql of v12 throwing “symbol not found” error while running Maintenance and Import/Export.
Issue #4845 - Fixed potential error in the properties dialog for the Code tab.
Issue #4850 - Fixed an issue where Datetimepicker control opens when clicking on the label.
Issue #4895 - Fixed potential issue in reset function for nested objects.
Issue #4896 - Fixed an issue where escape key not working to close the open/save file dialog.
Issue #4906 - Fixed an issue where keyboard shortcut for context menu is not working when using Firefox on CentOS7.
Issue #4924 - Fixed docker container exit issue occurs due to change in Gunicorn’s latest version.